IZOCAM’S Note Is 8,76 For Corporate Governance Compliance Rating


IZOCAM’S Note Is 8,76 For Corporate Governance Compliance Rating

Izocam’s note is 8,76 for Corporate Governance Compliance Rating as a result that Izocam’s main titles of shareholders, public disclosure and transparency, stakeholders and board of directors were assessed within Corporate Governance Principles by Capital Market Board (CMB).

The Corporate Governance Compliance Rating assessment of Izocam, celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015, was performed by Kobirate International Credit Rating and Corporate Governance Services Inc. and it was determined as 8,76 for the period of 30.12.2014-30.12.2015.

Making statement, Izocam’s General Manager Nuri Bulut said, “The Corporate Governance Compliance Rating, which was within the target studies of Izocam in 2014, has been determined as 8,76 and it has been also published in Public Disclosure Platform. We are proud of this result because we achieved a good note as a company which was subjected to rating for the first time. Moreover, this rating made us happier as we achieved it in our 50th anniversary. It is known that all of the companies, which survive on the globalized markets despite the increasing competition in the world and which have long-lasting objectives, adopt institutionalization as a principle and focus on institutionalization principles, transparency, fairness and sustainability in their processes. As it was in the past, Izocam will continue its institutionalization by strengthening it to both comply with legislation and regulations and to sustain its reliability in eyes of its stakeholders by increasing the operational productivity.”

In the statement made by Kobirate International Credit Rating and Corporate Governance Services Inc., it was said, “The Company accorded significantly with the Corporate Governance Principles published by Capital Market Board. Their internal control systems were established and operate despite the requirement of small improvements. The possible risks for the company were significantly determined and it is possible to control them. The rights of the shareholder are looked after fairly. Their activities related to public disclosure are on a high level. The rights of the shareholders are looked after fairly. The structure and the working conditions of the board of directors comply with corporate governance principles. Although they don’t constitute big risks, it is required to make some improvements. The company was awarded to be included within BIST Corporate Governance Index.”