Iyem Trainings To Continue In 2015 With Full Speed


Iyem Trainings To Continue In 2015 With Full Speed

Established with the purpose to provide trainings for accurate insulation application, Izocam Insulation Training Center (IYEM) is continuing to hold professional trainings. IYEM has kicked off its 2015 training program in the second week of January which will continue until June.

Providing trainings for the employees who have different educational backgrounds from construction and installation industries since 1998, IYEM has set the training program for February. The trainings on thermal, roof, noise, fire and technical insulations will be provided by the expert trainers. The program will kick off on February 2nd and will end on February 27th.
Since its establishment, IYEM has trained 18.930 people in total and it aims to reach more participants in the new year. IYEM realizes all trainings free of charge. “Insulation Expert Certificate” is given to the participant who complete all trainings successfully.
During insulation, the wrong applications cause important energy losses in the buildings. Although the application techniques for the manufactured materials are very similar, the applications realized with trial-error methods fail. For the applications of qualified thermal, noise, fire insulation and waterproofing, the most effective and important factor is to provide continuous training to employees.
Established to transfer and share the information and to introduce the innovations by realizing the correct, required, appropriate and sufficient training in time, IYEM renders service to the development of many industries such as insulation, construction and HVAC in our country.

02 – 06 February Thermal Insulation in Buildings and Industry - Energy Saving

09 – 11 February TS 825 Training on Thermal Insulation Rules in Buildings

12 February          Training on Corporate Commitment and Effective
                                 Communication Skills

13 February          Training on Team Work and Time Management

16 – 17 February Turkish Fire Protection Regulations and Applications

18 – 19 February Insulation Training for Industrial Roofs and Façades

18 February          Hands-on Prefabricated Duct Installation Training

20 February          Noise Insulation Applications in Practice

23 – 27 February  Practical Heating System Calculation

For 2015 training program details and to participate, please visit www.iyem.com.tr.      

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