İzocam dealers met under the motto “The force behind insulation is İzocam and you are the star”


İzocam dealers met under the motto “The force behind insulation is İzocam and you are the star”


İzocam hosted its dealers at 2020 International Dealers Meeting held on February 27 - March 1 at Antalya Belek Maxx Royal Hotel. The emphasis of the meeting, where the year 2019 was evaluated and 2020 goals were declared, was the fact that İzocam, as a robust and reliable brand, stood behind its employees, the industry and its commitments. 

It was also noted that İzocams products enabled thermal and sound insulation as well as fire safety at all facets of life involving insulation from buildings to fittings, train cars to household ovens and fire exit doors to solar collectors. Contributions by İzocam, the first insulation brand in Turkey, to the industry as the force behind it was also underlined.

İzocam’s 3-day-long İzocam International Dealers Meeting, which started off on February 27, was also the venue for İzocam’s 55th anniversary. At the meeting, the fact that İzocam stood behind its success in the industry and across Turkey for 55 years and that İzocam dealers and employees were the enablers of this success was emphasized with the motto “The force behind insulation is İzocam and you are the star”. 

The main meeting which was held on February 29 was kicked off with the opening speech delivered by Murat Savcı, Managing Director at İzocam. Later on at the meeting Hady Nassif, Chairman and CEO for EMME Countries at Saint-Gobain took the floor. Before starting their speech, Nassif asked all participants to join them in a moment of silence for our soldiers who were martyred at the attack of February 27 in Idlib. Starting off their speech after the moment of silence, Nassif noted, with reference to the 55th anniversary of İzocam, that İzocam has always aspired and will always aspire to emphasize energy savings and to lead the industry.

While delivering the presentation “The Force Behind is İzocam”, Murat Savcı, Managing Director at İzocam, underlined the fact that İzocam had been leading the insulation industry in our country for 55 years and said: “We continue to offer relevant solutions to all necessities with 7 ranges of products, while also maintaining our place as the preferred supplier of our customers thanks to the quality and reliability we offer. Building on our current position, we stand behind our works and take pride in where we are today. We acknowledge the mission-critical role you, our dealers, who are the building blocks of İzocam, as well as our esteemed employees, who do their best regardless of the conditions, played in our journey so far. The force behind the sector is İzocam, the star, however, is the contributions by our esteemed dealers and employees. We would like to thank you, the stars of our success of 55 years, for all your hard work.

Following the main meeting where the relevant process managers delivered their presentations on “The Power of Innovation” and “Digital Age at İzocam”, the presentation on Global and Turkish Economy by the Economist Fatih Keresteci, sparked the attention of all participants.

On February 28, Friday, İzocam dealers and their spouses attended a seminar by the Astrologist Meral Pala on the astroanalysis of 2020. As part of the social activities, which included a future telling session using Tarot cards, the guests had the opportunity to observe Personal Transformation Expert and Author Aret Vartanyan on the stage. İzocam employees and dealers met at “Tea Time with İzocam” to discuss business processes, while some İzocam dealers enjoyed themselves by joining backgammon, table tennis and bowling tournaments. At the Gala Dinner, the winners of 2018 and 2019 sales awards were named and the winners of the tournaments held on February 28 received their rewards. Moreover, the İzocam dealer to share the most posts on February 27-29 with the hashtag #arkasindaizocamvar was congratulated on the stage and received the surprise reward.


İzocam dealers met under the motto “The force behind insulation is İzocam and you are the star”