Izocam emphasises the need for energy efficient cities in World Urbanism Day


Izocam emphasises the need for energy efficient cities in World Urbanism Day

November 8 is also being celebrated as World Urbanism Day in our country since 1976. This special day aims to address the problems of everyone and every segment that lives in the cities, discuss them and thus the importance of urbanismand raise awareness. Pointing out that comfortable and well living areas are needed in urbanism, Izocam emphasises on World Urbanism Day that Urban Transformation is needed for more energy savings and this is an opportunity for our country.


Izocam Deputy General Manager Doruk Özcan tells on the World Urbanism Day that newly built houses and service buildings need to be built according to Energy Performance Regulations in Buildings, EKB that will take effect in 2020. He underlines the need for Multi-Comfort Buildings in the scope of Sustainable building approaches.



Today, when the global warming is a big danger, energy efficient building are important both to protect our world, and for the economy of our country. Izocam Deputy General Manager Doruk Özcan states that the insulation that would include building facilities as well as heat gain and losses would provide maximum benefit to economy of both houses and the country.


Doruk Özcan emphasises that current BEP Regulation needs to be enforced and monitored strictly; outputs of in accordance with Republic of Turkey, 1/CP.19 and 1.CP/20 numbered resolutions, national declared contribution (NDC) and policies that are foreseen to go in effect aimed to meet the base target stated in United Nations Climate Change Framework Convention (BMİDÇS) 2nd articleand National Energy Efficiency Action Planthat is being prepared also proves the importance of energy efficient buildings for both our world and economy of our country... Especially in NDC declaration, the need for new house and service building being built energy efficientin accordance to Energy Performance in Buildings Regulation is emphasised. Also, the importance of reducing the energy requirement to minimum with green building and near-zero energy house designs to meet the targets in NDC is underlined. To realise these, innovative sustainable approaches from insulation to design take place.


Sustainable building approach starts with thick insulation installations. Pointing out that while the material thickness used in Turkey is 4-5 cm, the same material is used with thickness of 20-30 cm and higher in European Countries, Özcan says that while there is no supervision in effect for insulation thickness, with BEP (Energy Performance in Buildings) Regulationthe importance of insulation in buildings and facilities increase, installations spread and higher thicknesses are talked about more. We think that with BEP, energy efficiency measures and insulation levels will increase in existing buildings in the next 10 years, and this will have great contributions to the sector and our country. BEP is undoubtedly a very important step for our country. But it is of utmost importance that all details and supervision mechanisms, all of its functionality needs to be applied in its enforcement. The points that need to be improved in this regulation should be revised and completed as soon as possible.


Stating that urban transformation is a very important opportunity for energy efficiency, Doruk Özcan said these while pointing out that urban transformation should be made use of correctly for our country to reach healthy environment; The point in urban transformation it to further restrict the energy use of buildings; as in 2020 targets of EU, it will also support Turkeys Climate Change National Action Plan and Energy Efficiency Strategy Document targets and will allow for innovative applications to spread. According to Energy Performance in Buildings directives published by European Parliament, all new buildings will be near-zero energy buildings from December 31, 2020 on after. This target in the near future should also be considered with urban transformation applications.


In this scope, Özcan also assessed Energy Performance in Building Regulations that is expected to go in effect in January 2020. Özcan said, Energy Identity Document (EKB) is currently a necessity for all newly built buildings. Showing how much energy the buildings spend, EKB also defines the energy class of the buildings. The most effective way for buildings that will get EKB to rise to A, B, and C classes is thermal insulation. This document will have an active role for especially leasing houses or purchase and sale of houses. The buildings that dont have thermal insulation yet needs to work with expert companies for EKB. At this point, it should not be forgotten that right material choice is just as important as the installation itself.


On the other hand, Izocam focuses on Multi Comfort Buildings that are new, containing comfortable technology, and the new products that could be used on these buildings to reduce the energy requirement and use to minimum, instead of technologies that are ineffective, old and without comfort. Originating from the concept of homes with little to no energy, aiming bio-climatic design and considering sustainable, ecological, economic and social factors Multi-Comfort Buildingsoffer maximum thermal comfort as well as high energy efficiency. Multi Comfort Buildings which offer perfect acoustic and visual comfort, quality interior air, fire protection and safety, and highly flexible design solutions both indoors and outdoors, aim to save at least 90% on energy. These buildings contribute to lowering the dependency of countries such as Turkey which import over three fourths of its energy, on foreign sources.

Izocam emphasises the need for energy efficient cities in World Urbanism Day