New packaging for environmentally friendly and biodegradable Glass wool of İzocam


New packaging for environmentally friendly and biodegradable Glass wool of İzocam

  İzocam, the leading brand of insulation industry, emphasizes that it is directly contributing to 8 of 17 global goals of the United Nations set for Sustainable Development.


  İzocam, the leading brand of insulation industry, redesigned the packaging of its glass wool product by expressing its sensitivity to human health and environment and emphasizing its contribution to the global sustainable development goals of the United Nations. By using less paint in the new translucent white packaging, carbon footprint in packaging production is reduced.


  Not only the new packaging of the glass wool product of Izocam tell about its 8 contribution to sustainability and global goals, the EUCEB certificate issued only for the bioproduct category and it’s emphasis on biodegradability is also prominent in the packaging.


  Izocam glass wool’s new packaging that highlights the brand visibility more in its new design is quite neat and easy to read. Thus, comes out as an environmentally friendly packaging that enhances operational efficiency.


  Izocam Deputy General Manager Doruk Özcan stated that they aimed to feature the contribution of Izocam glass wool in the context of Global Goals for Sustainable Development established by the UN to fight with global climate change and estimated to be accomplished by 2030 and, as a leading brand of the industry, they aimed to raise awareness among the professionals of this industry: “Due to the very nature of the insulation industry and thanks to the features of Izocam products, we have already been contributing to 17 global goals set by the United Nations for Sustainable Development. Since our products are harmless to human health, efficient in energy use and they contribute to sustainability; we have already been playing our part in 8 of the 17 global goals of the UN which are ‘Good Health and Well- Being’, ‘Affordable and Clean Energy’, ‘Decent Work and Economic Growth’, ‘Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’, ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’, ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’, ‘Climate Action’ and ‘Partnerships to achieve the Goal’. However, we also wanted to be a pioneer in both the end-user and industry professionals to make product selection with such awareness , to know the contribution of the products to carbon emission reduction and to focus on the benefits it will provide both in short and long terms.”


  Further stating that the EUCEB certificate on the packaging is issued only in the bioproduct category and the product itself is harmless to human health due to its biodegradability;Özcan highlighted that they were the first company ever among the Thermal Insulation Products producers to be awarded with the EUCEB certificate. Özcan expressed that Izocam products are put upon the market with the “CE” mark, described in the international Construction  Products Regulation, Article 6 as “the material that enables the product to meet the requirements of the Regulation”, and underlined that all Izocam products are produced in line with the criteria of the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).


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New packaging for environmentally friendly and biodegradable Glass wool of İzocam