IZODER’s “All Aspects of Insulation Seminar” was held in Eskişehir.


IZODER’s “All Aspects of Insulation Seminar” was held in Eskişehir.

  Izocam, the leading brand of the insulation industry, sponsored the “All Aspects of Insulation Seminar”, one of the most important meetings of the industry, held in Eskişehir.


  “All Aspects of Insulation Seminar”, where the sustainable use of energy resources and energy efficiency is discussed in different cities of Turkey, was held in Eskişehir Tasigo Hotels Bademlik Thermal facility on 19 September.


  In the last edition of seminar series in Eskişehir, organised in cooperation with the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation and IZODER, and sponsored by Izocam; subjects of fire insulation, thermal insulation and sound insulation were addressed. After the opening remarks, relevant experts made presentations and informed the audience on Fire Insulation and Fire Safety Precautions, Requirements of Water Insulation, Water Insulation Applications, Sound Insulation Regulation and Sound Insulation Applications.


Eskişehir Is Insulated with Izocam


  Recently, Izocam provided the prominent projects in Eskişehir with products and insulation consultancy service. Tanap-Tekfen Project Eskişehir Gas Metering Station is one of these projects and it is located on a 55-thousand-square meter area with 105 buildings in Aksaklı, Eskişehir. 7 cm of stone wool was used on the facades making up around 50.000 m2, on Xps ground 300 kpa on a 55.000-m2-surface and on Xps curtain insulation 150 kpa on a 15.000- m2-surface was used and the Izocam products were provided by 4 Mevsim Mad.İnş. San. Tic Ltd Şti.


  In the on-going project of Eskişehir Capella Park run by Aydoğanlar İnşaat, Izocam was the brand of choice and 6.800 m2 of Izocam Mantle R+ 3 cm, 3.100 m2 of Izocam Mantle 2.5 cm, 4.600 m2 of Izocam Partition Board, 900 m2 of XPS 300 kpa 5 cm XPS products were used. Products were provided by Izocam Eskişehir distributor Cem İzolasyon.


  Another project in Eskişehir was Ihlamur Konakları Project, carried out in cooperation with Ünlü İnşaat. In the project located on a 12-thousand-square meter-area consisting of 94 flats, 8.000 m2 of Izocam Mantle Stone Wool R+ 7 cm and 3.000 m2 of Izocam Mantle Stone Wool R+ 3 cm were used and the project was run by 4 Mevsim Mad.İnş. San Tic Ltd Şti.


IZODER’s “All Aspects of Insulation Seminar”  was held in Eskişehir.