The ultimate means to lowering natural gas bills; insulation


The ultimate means to lowering natural gas bills; insulation


The ultimate means to lowering natural gas bills; insulation


With the increasing cost of natural gas and the coming winter İzocam

underlines the advantages of building insulation in lowering the natural gas bills.  Focusing on the importance of not only internal and external insulation but also fittings insulation, Doruk Özcan, Assistant General Manager at İzocam noted that insulation could be installed not just for new buildings but also for the buildings, which are already in use, and that insulation could lower natural gas bills by as much as 60 per cent.



 With the increasing cost of natural gas and the coming winter, energy expenses will most surely be an issue for both residential and commercial buildings in the days to come.  The natural gas selling rate offered by BOTAŞ has, as of the pricing update of early August, increased by 29.5 per cent for residencies and small-scale industrial organisations, and 118.3 per cent for large-scale industrial organisations since the end of the year 2017. With the increasing costs, it has become more important than ever to conserve natural gas at both homes and work places. Having set itself the goal of increasing the insulation awareness across Turkey, İzocam underlines the fact that lowering the use of natural gas to save on energy expenses is now a necessity rather than a luxury.


 Noting that an insulation installation of the correct thickness as foreseen under the relevant regulations could lower the natural gas bills by as much as 60 per cent, Doruk Özcan, Assistant General Manager at İzocam said: The cost of natural gas has increased and our citizens are now looking for ways to keep their bills low at both their homes and work places. At İzocam, we care deeply about helping our citizens be informed and stress on every chance we get the fact that insulation contributes greatly to the lowering of energy expenses at both homes and work places. Turkeys energy imports in 2018 reached 43 billion US Dollars with a 15.6% increase over the previous year. Our energy imports over the last decade cost our countrys economy 439 billion US Dollars. We import over three fourths of the energy we consume. Making up 19.3% of our total imports, energy imports constituted a significant portion of the 55 billion US Dollar foreign trade deficit in 2018. Any energy savings that we attain at our homes, at the industry and with the fittings to lower our current trade deficit and our dependence on foreign sources for energy will greatly benefit not only our own budgets but also our country as well. Buildings and systems, which are insulated using the right material and following the appropriate thickness, will be an important leap towards energy efficiency. Insulation makes it possible to lower the energy expenses at both homes and work places and to attain a higher level of comfort. From the roof to the flooring, insulation installations with the right thickness can boost energy efficiency and comfort. Stone Wool Roof Mattress, İzocam Kalibel, İzocam İzopan Post-Radiator Board are easy to install and offer natural gas efficiency right out of the box.


 Fittings insulation is just as important as building insulation

 Noting that fittings insulation was just as important as building insulation despite that fact that the word insulationbrings to mind only the internal and external building insulation, Özcan said: Insulating the heating and cooling fittings in the buildings achieves savings as high as 50 per cent by ensuring much more efficient and economic air conditioning for spaces, achieving the desired temperature quickly, and making maintaining this temperature for a long while possible.


 For instance, in buildings with fittings insulation the hot water in the pipes distributed across the building from the boiler room which is used in the winter, retains its temperature and energy until it reaches the apartments. In the lack of fittings insulation, however, the temperature in the pipes drops before reaching the apartments causing the apartments to take longer to heat up and more fuel (energy) to be burned as the water in the return pipes are cooler and the boiler needs to re-heat them. The efficiency of the boiler is lowered when the temperature in the pipes decreases below a certain threshold. Insulation is the only way to maintain the water temperature running through the pipes.  Fittings insulation also prevents the freezing of the water pipes which is another common issue experienced in the winter causing many difficulties. For instance, it prevents the valves at the buildings entrance from bursting when the water in them freezes overnight. Installation of valve jackets as part of the insulation to be installed on the pipes outside the building prevents such difficulties in winter.



 Fittings insulation may be installed while renovating


 Noting that fittings insulation was more common among the buildings that were renewed as part of the urban transformation in Turkey recently, Doruk Özcan Assistant General Manager at İzocam said: fittings insulation can be performed later on as part of repair and maintenance activities.  We are aware of the fact that following the increase in natural gas prices many are renovating their buildings for insulation installations and consulting our dealers in that regard.


 Usually insulation can be easily installed using Glass Wool Prefabricated Pipes and valve jackets, shortening the ROI period. İzocam Glass Wool Prefabricated Pipes constitute the most effective solution in radiator fittings. Glass wool materials stand out as the most effective insulation products with their combustible properties and their zero compromise on performance when the temperature rises. Moreover, İzocam valve jackets used to insulate the valves in the fittings, provide solutions much higher than the expectations. Valve jacketsflexibility and easiness to install offer major advantages for maintenance activities.


 Another key consideration is to have the fittings insulation be installed by skilled and expert persons. This is because only experts can pull off the technical details such as leaving no gaps in the fitting and the equipment and insulating the pipes, the equipment and the valves entirely. The masters installing the insulation need to be educated to be able to insulate the pipes in a proper thickness. Its also necessary for the pipes to not be installed close to one another, to the wall or to the ceiling.







The ultimate means to lowering natural gas  bills; insulation