İzocam Tekiz, Insulation consultant for investment projects, offers full protection against fire


İzocam Tekiz, Insulation consultant for investment projects, offers full protection against fire


İzocam Tekiz, Insulation consultant for investment projects, offers full protection against fire


İzocam undertakes the insulation consultancy of investments with its expertise in insulation and provides both thermal, sound insulation and fire safety to industrial facilities, shopping malls, gyms and large warehouses with Tekiz products


Insulation is one of the most effective ways to protect buildings with a large number of people, such as industrial facilities, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, gyms, against fire. Providing insulation consultancy services for all kinds of buildings, İzocam supports the design of investment projects with İzocam Tekiz insulation products to protect them against fire and ensures a profitable investment for the investor. The most suitable products and solutions are offered to investors and project owners who apply to İzocam Tekizs consultancy by contacting us on izotekurun@izocam.com.tr . In this way, İzocam ensures both fire safety and energy saving with effective insulation systems applied from floor to roof, wall to flooring and installation while buildings under construction.


İzocam Deputy General Manager Doruk Özcan points out that it is very important to get support from an expert company in insulation to be applied for fire safety; Especially in industrial buildings, the use of A1 class combustible products is very important. Fires in these buildings can be spread more quickly due to some flammable materials used in the production process. In addition to threatening life safety, fires in these large-scale factories cause material damage that is difficult to recover and do great damage. Insulation, as well as other precautions against fire to prevent loss of life and property, is a very effective application in preventing the spread of fire. However, the right material should be used in the right place, system integrity should be ensured throughout the building, and products should be applied by the competent and well-equipped people. It is absolutely essential to comply with the specified insulation stages as stated in Turkeys Regulation on Fire Protection of Buildings. As İzocam, we contribute to the protection of investments by developing the best solutions with the insulation consultancy service we provide, our Tekiz products that provide fire safety and the right applications.


İzocams Tekiz Stone Wool Roof Panel, which guides the sector with its experience in stone wool panel applications, has a 120-minute fire resistance (REI120) panel certificate, which means successfully completing all of the bearing, integrity and insulation criteria. The use of Tekiz Stone Wool Roof Panel provides high fire safety in areas such as factories, workplaces, shopping malls, restaurants where fire risk is high. The product saves time during the fire and provides the opportunity to get rid of possible major damages.


İzocam, which conducts studies on fire safety and develops its products against possible fires, protects the buildings against fire with Tekiz Stone Wool Insulated Panels which have EI60 and E120 Fire Resistancecertificate with 60 minutes fire resistance in terms of integrity and insulation criteria. Mineral wool filling in the panels that do not contain environmentally harmful substances, provides effective solutions for high fire resistance, sound and thermal insulation. Mineral wool insulated roof and side panels are produced with sheet metal coated on both sides.


İzocam Tekiz Kombi Panel is the first and only membrane panel product with FM certificate in Turkey. The FM certificate issued by the independent testing arm of FM Global, an international risk and insurance management firm, ensures that the product undergoes certain tests and that the building is at minimum risk, and the products having this certificate are especially preferred for major industrial projects such as factory investment or renovation.



A1 class stone wool applications


Similar to the thermal insulation differs according to the regions, the fire insulation also varies according to the height and position of the buildings. The insulation that should be applied in a high building and the type of insulation that should be applied to low buildings should be evaluated by experts. For buildings 28.5 meters and higher, mineral wool products such as stone wool is obliged to apply.


Insulation to the sides and between floors with A1 class stone wool saves time during a possible fire. Whereas the flames in an uninsulated building rise immediately during a fire, a building insulated with mineral products such as stone wool does not suddenly ignite and smoke does not emit. The smoke, one of the most important issues during fire, is blocked from interaction. It also gives a longer time for fire escape and firefighting processes.


Stone wool is formed as a result of the melting of inorganic raw materials, which are supplied locally, into fibers at 1350-1400 degrees Celsius. Stone wool can be produced in different sizes and technical specifications with different coating materials in the form of mattresses, sheets, pipes and castings according to the place and purpose of use. Depending on the product type, the usage temperature is between -50/+650 degrees Celsius and the melting temperature is >1000 degrees Celsius. Uncoated Stone Wool products are classified in A1 class combustible materials according to TS EN 13501-1


In order to prevent the spread of fire and to minimize the damage, fire barriers must absolutely be created at the main construction of the structure and between the floors or at floor points defined by the relevant experts. Especially in high-rise buildings, the use of glass wool and stone wool called mineral wool is of great importance in curtain wall applications.

İzocam Tekiz, Insulation consultant for investment   projects, offers full protection against fire