Izocam offers solution to every insulation need with environmentally friendly products


Izocam offers solution to every insulation need with environmentally friendly products

 June 5 is annually celebrated ad World Environment Day Izocam, which develops products that contribute to protection of environment and pay great attention to awareness about this topic, emphasizes that with insulations that use right materials, energy consumption can be lowered.


Energy sources in the world are depleting and the greenhouse gas that increase daily triggers global warming and disrupts the balance of nature. For a more liveable world in thefuture, energy consumption needs to reduce and existing sources need to be used a lot moreefficiently. Izocam, which took upon a pioneering role for insulation industry to form anddevelop in our country, prioritize raising the public awareness of insulation, energy savingand environmental protection.


Izocam Deputy General Manager Doruk Özcan who states that they see gentrification as an important opportunity to provide effective energy efficiency and reach a healthy environmental state says: “Limiting the energy consumption of the buildings that will be built with gentrification will; like EU’s 2020 targets, support Turkey’s targets in Climate Change National Action Plan and Energy Efficiency Strategy Document, and will help generalising innovative applications. In this sense, gentrification needs to be used in the most effective and efficient way. Building new buildings with thermal and noise insulation, high energy efficiency, and fire safety will limit energy consumption. By the end of 2018, with an optimistic estimate 15,8 of more than 9,5 million building stock is insulated according to TS825 Thermal Insulation in Building Regulations... This number contain 33% of more than 24,2 million existing dwelling count. While gentrification helps to increase this number, it will be important to design our living areas today, with regulations shaped according to needs of future.”


Özkan have called attention to that postponing the application obligation regarding “looking for EKB (Energy Identification Certificate) for proceedings related to buying, selling, and renting of buildings or independent parts” for existing buildings to January 1, 2020 will delay the development of application in the field.


Doruk Özcan emphasized the importance of National Energy Efficiency Action Plan 2017- 2023 in transition to low carbon economy and said “Defining annual targets to increase energy efficiency in public buildings, Municipality determining the opportunities related to energy efficiency and apply the measurements, raising the awareness of end user to improve the energy efficiency in building sector with thermal insulation, supporting directly or indirectly and imposing obligations, to increase energy identification certificate ownership ratio of existing building by developing technical and administrative capacity regarding regulation of Energy Identification Certificate and raising awareness works, Certificating settlements with sustainable green buildings and generalising the use of green certificate which includes environmental effects, Encouraging the investments for minimum energy performance class of C for new and to be bough/rented buildings to increase to B or A class, providing direct or indirect support for building owners, using Energy Performance Agreements (EPS) that allow needed investments for energy efficiency to be afforded by savings to improve energy efficiency in public buildings, to extend survey support that is offered for KOBİs by KOSGEB to include commercial and service buildings of determined size which are not required for surveys, generalising the application of energy efficiency projects with supportive or low interest-rate credits, reduce energy density in each industry sub- sector by at least 10% with industry collaborations, the support of projects with high savings potential by increasing the efficiency increasing project application process will act as a lever for energy efficiency sector.”


Doruk Özcan also said that the targets of National Declaration of Contribution (NDC) presented to UN can only be reached by insulation stated that “in the declaration, the necessity of building new housing and service buildings according to Energy Performance in Buildings Statute, as energy effective. On the other hand, controlling greenhouse gas emission in the buildings by forming Energy Identification Certificate and necessity of reducing energy consumption annually is emphasized. The need for developing encouragement channels like tax reduction for making new and existing building energy efficient, credits etc. is also reminded in NDC declaration. To reach the targets in NDC, reducing energy need to the minimum with generalising green building, passive house, zero energy house designs is important. Reaching the passive houses stated in Buildings and Gentrification section of NDC can only be possible with correct design and thick insulation application.”


Izocam designing insulation materials with its 54 years of experience, producing and presenting them have contributed to energy saving equivalent of 200 million tons of petrol (TEP) in this time. This amount, which is equal to the energy saving that would be gained 15 billion m² roof being insulated with 100 mm thick Izocam Stone wool mat in the Istanbul climate conditions, is also equal to 12500 hospitals, 29 Marmaray (first line opening and stations cost 3.3 billion dollars) and 3 years of tourism income. 15 billion m² is equal to 2 million 300 thousand football fields or an area 5 times of KKTC.

Izocam offers solution to every insulation need with environmentally friendly products