While External Thermal Insulation Prevents Thermal Loss And Gain In Buildings, It Makes Buildings Safer And Last Longer


While External Thermal Insulation Prevents Thermal Loss And Gain In Buildings, It Makes Buildings Safer And Last Longer

Insulation makes the inhabitants feel safe by ensuring more advantages than sustaining better indoor temperature; it offers comfort and plays an active role in achieving the desired standards of the daily life. External thermal insulation ensures ideal fire safe environments with free of environmental noise where ideal temperatures are also preserved for long time. Thanks to İzocam Manto Stone Wool applications, indoor temperature is maintained for long period and the energy bills are reduced by almost 50%.

External thermal insulation which has been installed with the right material, right thickness and right method prevents thermal loss and gain in buildings. İzocam Manto External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems cover the surfaces of the building like a shield and ensures the most effective result in insulation. External thermal insulations installed with Stone Wool, İzopor (Expanded Polystyrene, EPS) and Foamboard (Extruded Polystyrene, XPS) Boards, significantly reduces thermal loss and gain. Playing a significant role in energy savings, external thermal insulation protects the environment by reducing carbon emission. It prevents physical changes that could take place due to thermal tensions between building components and creates safer and longer-lasting buildings by preventing structural damages such as intra-wall tensions, surface cracks and corrosion.

Installations performed with İzocam Manto Stone Wool ensures fire security to make inhabitants feel safe and prevents noise pollution to ensure a calm and peaceful interior environment. Moreover, it reinforces the buildings against earthquakes and prevents unwanted formations such as condensation.

İzocam General Manager Nuri Bulut says: “Home is the most important place for those who live in it. Each home owner strives for maximum comfort and living quality. However, high living quality or comfort of a home does not solely depend on its interior decoration or comfort of usage. First and foremost, the primary duty of a home is to protect those in it from external effects. Therefore, a home must become closed to cold and heat, noise and possible dangers. As a result, protecting the home from external adverse conditions, reducing bills and experiencing maximum comfort require external thermal insulation to be installed correctly for each home with the right materials and the right thickness. It is possible to achieve these conditions with the highest level with İzocam Manto Stone Wool."

Correctly installed external thermal insulation ensures that interior temperature is maintained at the desired levels for long durations. External thermal insulation which is installed to lower the thermal losses during the winter and the possible thermal gains during the summer, reflects positively on the energy bills. The cost of fuels such as coal and natural gas during the winter and electricity consumption resulting from the use of air conditioners during the summer are almost reduced to half.

If the installation of external thermal insulation is performed with stone wool, the facade of the building does not catch on fire thanks to the inflammable quality of the stone wool and no toxic gas or smoke is emitted. Hence, time is gained for escaping the fire and for the fire squad to arrive.

One of the most suitable periods to install external thermal insulation at home and in your work place is the summer...

There are various insulation installations that we can perform on your buildings especially during the summer to prepare you for the winter. Supporting the external thermal installation installed on exterior walls with various insulation installations that can be performed on roofs, on interior walls of your buildings and in-between floors help you to have a warmer winter, as well as cooler summer. 

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While External Thermal Insulation Prevents Thermal Loss And Gain In Buildings, It Makes Buildings Safer And Last Longer