Noise Insulation Is A Must To Increase The Quality Of Life


Noise Insulation Is A Must To Increase The Quality Of Life

Every year, the last Wednesday of April is celebrated as the International Noise Awareness Day. In short term, noise can cause stress in everyday life while in long term, it can even lead to hearing problems. Therefore, taking precautions against undesired noises is highly important to increase the quality and comfort of life. İzocam draws attention to the possibility of reducing noise and achieving the desired comfort by means of correct insulation installation.

First celebrated in 1996 by Hearing and Communication Centre in Florida, International Noise Awareness Day intends to reduce adverse effects of noise. Avoiding noise which affects both mental and physical health in everyday life helps improving the quality of life. İzocam underlines the importance of “insulation” solutions for excellent sound performance against noise.

Sound insulation helps to minimize the adverse effect of noise, ensure comfort in the environment and protect mental health.  Hearing undesired noises can lead to a number of serious health problems including hearing impairment, stress, sleep disorders, high blood pressure and heart diseases. A quite environment in the building and the apartments with a proper insulation installation ensures the desired comfort zone.  

Izocam Deputy General Manager in charge of Sales and Marketing Fatih Öktem says, “Today, people often are disturbed and complain about the noise. Although thermal insulation is the first type of insulation one thinks of, sound insulation should not be ignored. Sound insulation ensures noise saving the same way thermal insulation provides economic saving.” 

Noise travels one place to another by different means. Öktem says, "This may be the noise from the next door or traffic jam or construction in the neighbourhood. Insulation installations using the right materials and details helps to protect our mental health from the noise pollution. At this point, contractors play a major role. In some houses, with uninsulated paper-thin walls, you can easily hear the noise of the street or your neighbours next to you. Lack of sound insulation prevents protection of privacy in the house as well. Correct application of insulation should be considered when constructing buildings, however, avoiding some of the noises is possible by applying insulation after the construction. Such as noises from the neighbours… Stone Wool Kalibel Board can be used to insulate the noise coming from the neighbour´s house. Mineral fibre boards including Stone Wool and Glass Wool are best materials ensuring the sound insulation.”

In addition to Kalibel Stone Wool which is a composite product consisting of Stone wool board faced with gypsum board on one side, İzocam Optimum Glass Wool Boards are used on walls, ceilings and partition walls; Glass Wool board Dupan´s cut-to-size application on wall surfaces avoids sound bridges between building elements and plays an important role to obtain comfortable living spaces. Stone Wool Floating Floor Board reduces permeability of vibration and talking sounds while ensuring thermal insulation in between floors.

Such floor, wall and roof applications increase the comfort in interiors. Stone Wool and Glass Wool provide a high performance sound insulation.

According to the regulation on “Evaluation and Management of Environmental Noise” enacted in 2005 and amended in 2010; sound insulation has to be installed especially in industrial zones, busy traffic zones and entertainment venues where noise levels are high. It is equally important to protect our living spaces from internal and external noises... Maximum allowable noise values in indoors during the day and night are defined in the regulation while mineral-based stone wool and glass wool products contribute to development of sustainable details. 

Noise Insulation Is A Must To Increase The Quality Of Life