Solution For a Comfortable and Safe Insulation: “External Thermal Insulation”


Solution For a Comfortable and Safe Insulation: “External Thermal Insulation”

Offering an integrated solution to thermal insulation, external thermal insulation reduces heating costs by decreasing thermal loss in winter, and reduces air conditioner costs by preventing thermal gains in summer. Applied as a whole system with correct material selection and correct installers, external thermal insulation provides ideal comfort conditions. External thermal insulation reduces heating and cooling costs by half through preventing thermal loss and thermal gain respectively.

Allowing indoor temperature to be maintained in desired levels for extended periods, thermal insulation provides comfort by being applied from floor to ceiling, installation to partitions, mezzanine to exterior surface. Façade insulation, an important part of thermal insulation, is possible through external thermal insulation.  Removing thermal bridges completely, external thermal insulation is among the best thermal insulation systems. External thermal insulation is also known as an application that protects building’s exterior layer against wear and tear due to atmospheric conditions.

Izocam Manto, exterior thermal insulation composite system, provides the most efficient result in facades like an armour. Applied with Stone Wool, Izopor (Expanded Polystyrene, EPS) and Foamboard (Extruded Polystyrene, XPS) Insulation Boards, external thermal insulation reduces thermal loss and gain significantly.

External thermal insulation application saves high levels of energy consumed by heating and cooling devices such as boiler, central heating, air conditioner etc.  with selection and application of correct materials, external thermal insulation reduces heating and cooling costs on bills by 50% both in winter and summer.

Manto Stone Wool gives more time in potential fires…

In addition to ETICS, A1 Class Izocam Manto Stone Wool and Izocam Manto Stone Wool R+ usage provides noise control and fire safety. In potential fire situations, stone wool does not catch fire nor emits smoke; giving time for escape and fire intervention and minimizing loss of lives and property.

External thermal insulation provides comfortable and safe thermal, fire, noise insulation…

External thermal insulation, an important part of insulation, is done with products in different forms. Required insulation materials vary depending on the building’s characteristics.  Insulation and external thermal insulation performed with mineral wools provide a much more effective solution with thermal comfort, much better fire protection and noise insulation.

It is also possible to perform external thermal insulation with XPS… XPS, like mineral wools, offers safe and comfortable conditions for external thermal insulation. Since the XPS production through chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gases is banned in EU and Turkey, CFC gases are not used for production. Instead, less ozone thinner Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) or completely environmental CO2 is used.  98% of EPS thermal insulation boards, another product used in external thermal insulation and widely known as styropor, is composed of air.  The remaining 2% is polystyrene material...

However, EPS and XPS – produced through petroleum derivatives – are not applied in buildings higher than 28,5 meters due to fire protection class as per Regulation on Fire Protection of Buildings.  For multiple-storey buildings and low buildings in need of fire protection, A1 class fireproof Manto Stone Wool sheets may be preferred in facades. In addition, EPS and XPS materials with E flammability class can also be used, however all window and door gaps should be framed with Manto Stone Wool boards, and fire barriers should be formed with Manto Stone Wool at floor transitions.

Moreover, crowded buildings such as schools, dormitories, hotels, malls and strategically important public buildings including police stations, courts – even if they are not multi-storey – should be applied with Manto Stone Wool in order to ensure fire safety and gain enough time for building evacuation.

Izocam External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems are tested in accordance with TS EN 13500 and TS EN 13499 standards. Izocam Manto prevents physical deformations that might be caused by thermal tensions in structure components; creates safer and more long-lasting buildings by preventing structure damages like in-wall tensions, surface cracks and corrosion.

You can use certified products of Izocam without any doubt…

Leading the sector with 50 years of experience, certified products of Izocam demonstrate its expertise.  All Izocam products are supplied to the market bearing the “CE” sign, which means “material allowing basic requirements stated in the regulations to be satisfied" as per Article 6 of the international Building Material Regulations.  Izocam’s Mineral Wool products have EUCEB certificate, given by the European Certification Commission only to bio product category.  In addition, Izocam’s Building Blanket and Rulopan products have Eurofins Gold document - the compliance document for EU countries for national emission limits.  In terms of Glass Wool and Stone Wool products, Izocam is the first one among Thermal Insulation Material producers in Turkey to have an EPD Certificate...

Solution For a Comfortable and Safe Insulation: “External Thermal Insulation”