Always Enquire About Insulation When Purchasing A House


Always Enquire About Insulation When Purchasing A House

When purchasing a house, its kitchen or bathroom tiles are closely inspected, however it is forgotten that a building should be well-equipped outside, as well as inside. Or the kind of material used in partitions is not questioned.
In fact, insulation is one of the most important factors in comfort… Insulation provides energy saving by maintaining the interior temperature, offers fire protection and blocks potential noises from outside and neighbouring flats. Therefore, insulation in the roof, partitions, exterior wall and foundation should be considered as a prerequisite when buying a house. 

Izocam Deputy General Manager Fatih Öktem says, “The wrong approach in Turkey is that the kitchen tiles and cupboards are inspected when buying a house, however insulation material and thickness are never questioned.  Insulation should be examined first instead of the brands of materials in the house… Insulation awareness has increased rapidly in the last decade among our society, but it is still not at the desired level. 

When buying a house, all insulation details, from roof to foundation, should be questioned… Especially the “type of insulation material” and its “thickness” are important to get maximum efficiency. Obviously, insulation thickness may vary depending on regions and climate conditions, but insulation less than 5-6 cm does not demonstrate the desired effect. Thickness levels have reached 20-30 cm in European countries, while they are still 5 cm in our country.

In addition, insulation usage in all required details of a building makes structures safer and long lasting. For example, rubber pipes in instalment provide condensation control, while glass wool prefabricated pipes and valve jackets prevent heat loss. With glass wool blanket Rulopan in the roof, top floor occupants have a comfortable interior temperature, while glass wool-stone wool insulated Inwall partition wall provide noise insulation and fire protection up to 90 minutes. Izocam Manto stone wool boards provides thermal insulation and fire protection in exterior wall insulation details. Foamboard used in foundation protects water proofing and provides thermal insulation.

Potential house owners should question building quality and comfort as much as decorative and stylish appearance of a house. It should not be ignored that energy saving, fire protection, noise reduction and maintaining desired interior temperature are only possible with appropriate insulation. Izocam insulation materials offer different benefits with confidence.  

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Always Enquire About Insulation When Purchasing A House