Izocam PCB Foreman Trainings Will Continue In 2016 At Full Speed


Izocam PCB Foreman Trainings Will Continue In 2016 At Full Speed

Izocam continues to provide free trainings for PCB Professional Competency Certificate, which became compulsory for foremen working in construction and instalment.   The foremen participating in trainings are given certificates approved by Turkish Republic Ministry of National Education (MEB).  In addition, successful candidates in PCB Professional Competency Certificate examination are able to receive PCB Professional Competency Certificate by accredited certification institutions. Izocam has determined the dates of trainings, which will continue in 2016 as well.
Promoting the importance of training and adapting social responsibility awareness on the matter, Izocam provides free trainings of Professional Competency Certificate for foremen working in construction and installation fields. Having awarded Ministry of National Education approved certificates for around 1700 successful foremen so far, Izocam provided a total of 100 foremen the opportunity of being awarded with PCB Professional Competency Certificate in late 2014, organizing trainings in ‘Thermal Insulation Installer’ profession.   Continuing trainings without slowing down, Izocam aims to reach 2000 foremen.


Workers of construction industry may encounter many hazardous situations in application. Therefore, it is very important that workers in application should be qualified personnel, trained according to up-to-date Technologies.  Having adapted social responsibility awareness in Professional training for 50 years, İzocam offers free Professional Competency Certificate trainings to all foremen, recently made obligatory.

Dates of 2016 PBC Thermal Insulation Foreman Trainings to be given by Izocam have been announced. Trainings will take place between 18-22 January, 15-19 February, 14-18 March, 11-15 April, 24-28 October, 21-25 November and 19-23 December.

Trainings are held at Turkey Yol-Is Intes Training Site Sincan-Ankara and consist of two phases: theoretical and applied. During the training, the foremen learn the materials, details and correct application techniques and they have chance to correct the wrong applications known correct in the industry. Also information is given to the foremen to read the project and perform the quantity takeoff and analyze the materials.

The trainings are performed by the Izocam’s training team of expert architectures, engineers and technicians under the supervision of the expert instructors assigned by the Ministry of National Education. As per the Professional Competency Board regulations, the “Foreman Training Professional Competency of Thermal Insulation” trainings organized for awarding successful foremen with “Professional Competency Certificate” include the units of Work Organization in Thermal Insulation, Occupational Health and Safety, Thermal Insulation for Foundation, Facade and Ceiling, Thermal Insulation for Walls (External Thermal Insulation Composite System) and Thermal Insulation for Roofs.

Following the trainings, Professional Competency Board (PCB), an entirely independent  Certification Center accredited by TURKAK, evaluates the competency of the foremen in the assessment and evaluation examination formed with two steps as theory and practice. Successful foremen in this professional competency exam are awarded with the certificate.

The foremen participating in PCB Thermal Insulation Foreman training are given information about the basic, floor, roof, exterior and interior wall insulation in addition to developing their professional skills by learning about different applications of insulation materials in various type and quality. Equipped with these information and skills, the foremen conduct accurate and quality applications on the field more confidently.

Those wishing to participate in PCB Training:

Those who want to have the PCB Professional Competency Certificates that will replace Foremen Authorization Document within the National Profession Standards can make the applications to Izocam. Those wishing to participate in 2016 PCB Thermal Insulation Foreman Trainings to be held between 18-22 January, 15-19 February, 14-18 March, 11-15 April, 24-28 October, 21-25 November and 19-23 December are required to submit their identification card copy and 2 portrait photos to Izocam 10 days before the examination.

They can also take the PCB Professional Competency exam by participating in the trainings or foremen who feel competent and confident in a particular field can apply directly to Intes PCB, Tebar, Belgeturk or Sesob MSM to take the exam. It is important to participate in trainings in terms of success in the exam and gaining benefits from the training.

Izocam PCB Foreman Trainings Will Continue In 2016 At Full Speed