Insulation Reduces Natural Gas Bills By 60%


Insulation Reduces Natural Gas Bills By 60%

As the cold winter days approaching, natural gas consumption starts to increase. Maintaining interior temperature for a long while and preventing heat moving from interior to exterior, insulation contributes to energy efficiency and reduces natural gas bills.


As the days are getting colder, houses and work places have started to consume more natural gas.  Of course, the least we use the natural gas, the more we contribute to the national economy and domestic budget. Adapting the mission of spreading insulation awareness in Turkey, Izocam points out that insulation applied in accordance with the “TS 825 Thermal Insulation Rules in Buildings” Standard can reduce natural gas bills by up to 60 percent.

Izocam has always highlighted the importance of application of thermal insulation using the right materials with thickness as per the standards and by trained personnel. Insulated buildings ensure more comfortable winter days in an economical way.  Maintaining the heated air inside the building for longer while, insulation also reduces heat transfer. Thus, energy saving and reduction in heating costs can be ensured.

“Thick insulation” is one of the main factors in maximizing energy efficiency and effectively reducing energy bills.  The most common mistake in insulation is to use thin and poor quality insulation materials. Using thicker insulation material improved the saving without increasing other costs in the system.

Emphasizing that insulation is not a luxury but it is an obligation, Deputy General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Izocam, Fatih Öktem says, “Bills are as important as having comfort in our homes and working places. Insulation makes our living spaces more comfortable and yet less costly in terms of energy. Insulation, when applied at the right thickness and by skilled installers, prevents thermal loss and gains while reducing fuel consumption. This results in a reduction of energy bills by around 60 percent.”

Prior insulation application, it is very important to consult with technicians, authorized manufacturer and installer companies, to collect accurate and satisfying information on products in order to make healthy and affordable choices and to have reliable and long-lasting applications.


Insulation Reduces Natural Gas Bills By 60%