Izocam Promotes Energy Saving on World Savings Day


Izocam Promotes Energy Saving on World Savings Day

Celebrated on October 31 each year, World Savings Day means a lot more for this period where energy is consumed excessively. Having provided $110 billion worth of energy saving and prevented 650 million tons of CO2 emission since its foundation, Izocam emphasizes the importance of insulation in increasing savings.

October 31 is considered as the World Savings Day each year since 1924. Insulation is among the primary topics of World Savings Day, which features various activities directed towards using energy sources more efficiently.

For our country, which imports more than 72% of its energy need, energy saving is a prominent topic that must be taken into consideration. Having made a contribution equivalent of 200 million tons of oil to energy saving since its foundation, Izocam underlines that an efficient energy saving is only possible through insulation. Having prevented 650 million tons of CO₂ emission and secured $110 billion in energy savings for national economy with its insulation products, Izocam points out that insulation will enable a significant contribution to home and country budget.  

Regulations on energy saving should be implemented strictly!

35% of energy in Turkey is consumed at homes. Considering that only 25% of approximately 22 million houses are, with an optimistic estimate, designed in accordance with TS 825 Thermal Insulation Rules in Buildings Standard, the importance of thermal insulation in buildings becomes evident. Put into effect as of January 1, 2011 and containing extremely beneficial items for energy saving, Regulation on Energy Performance in Buildings is qualified as a call for saving. EPB regulation requires insulation in new buildings as a necessity, as well as helping the importance of insulation to be understood. Following regulations implemented solely to limit heating energy in our country, now for the first time energy saving is aimed with EPB through integrated solutions where cooling and lighting energies as well as hot water usage are considered together. 

It is essential that legal regulations such as Tenth Development Plan, Program and Action Plans, Regulation on Energy Performance in Buildings are implemented strictly with all details.

Another important issue is that insulation should be applied properly… Among the essentials of “proper insulation” insulation thickness, right material selection, application with correct details by certified and trained personnel take place.

90% energy saving with Multi-Comfort Buildings

Interest and demand for Multi-Comfort Buildings increase as awareness and sensitivity in society develop.  Derived from passive house concept and aiming for bioclimatic design by taking sustainable, ecological, economic and social factors into account, Multi-Comfort Buildings offer maximum thermal comfort with high energy saving.

Offering high-efficiency, new, comfortable technology instead of passive, old, uncomfortable ones; and minimizing energy need and usage, Multi-Comfort Buildings provide 90% energy saving. Including acoustic comfort and fire safety as well, Multi-Comfort Buildings contribute to both home and country economy especially with its efficient thermal insulation. Minimizing energy usage, the buildings are also distinguished by their environmentally-friendly quality. A proportional increase in saving is provided with “thicker” insulation, without increasing costs in the system. Applying thicker insulation reduces more fuel consumption and emissions by preventing heat loss and gains.

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Izocam Promotes Energy Saving on World Savings Day