Izodemi Trainings on “Effective Sales Techniques” Have Started


Izodemi Trainings on “Effective Sales Techniques” Have Started

Organized for dealers and dealer customers each year by Izocam, this year´s Izodemi trainings have started as of October.  Held with a different theme each year, Izodemi trainings’ 2015 theme is “Effective Sales Techniques”.

To be held for the fifth time this year, Izodemi trainings are organized with the aim to specify sales process and improve sales skills in relation to customer needs. The content of trainings includes such topics as “what is sales, what is not?”, “sales process”, “persuasion methods”, “what is classical sales?”, “what is big sales?” as well as case studies and useful information about closing the sales. 

The trainings will continue on October 7th in Samsun, October 14 th in Bursa, October 20 th in Antalya, October 21st in Izmir, October 22nd in Ankara, November 11th in Istanbul, November 17 th in Erzurum, November 19th in Trabzon, November 24th in Adana.  

How to apply for IZODEMI Trainings?

Trainings are available for Izocam dealers and dealer customers.

You can apply for trainings through our regional directorates, taking province selections into account. You can reach our regional directorates using the Communication menu on www.izocam.com.tr. (http://www.izocam.com.tr/contact.html)

For detailed information you can call our free toll line 0800 211 43 86.

Izodemi Trainings on “Effective Sales Techniques” Have Started