Iyem Contributes to Market Development With The Trainings It Offers


Iyem Contributes to Market Development With The Trainings It Offers

Placing great importance on training and awareness operations and adopting a social responsibility approach to the issue, Izocam continues its work towards market development. Established in 1998, Izocam Insulation Training Centre (IYEM) stands out with its rich content in November, as it does each month.

Providing insulation application trainings on construction, insulation and HVAC+R sector since its establishment, IYEM’s November training schedule has been announced. Adopting the approach of raising awareness for society and industry representatives in insulation, Izocam has reached more than 20 thousand representatives with trainings provided by IYEM.  Having provided a total of 43 thousand people/hour trainings, IYEM continues to contribute to industry development with its free trainings.

Adopting the principle that the most important element in thermal, sound and fire insulation is training, IYEM provides trainings on preventing the most frequent problems in the industry such as avoiding incorrect applications during insulation, right material usage. Trainings on thermal, sound insulation, fire safety, energy efficiency, personal development provided by IYEM are categorized in two classes as theoretical and practical. Attended by different professions in insulation industry such as engineers, architects, technicians, sellers, managers; the trainings are given by academics from various universities and experts in the field.

Among the topics included in IYEM November training schedule are Turkish Fire Safety Regulation and Applications, Anger Management and Empathy, Negotiation Techniques and Body Language, Smart Wall Solutions and Suspended Ceiling Systems, Sound Insulation and Noise Management, Noise Insulation Applications with Best Practices, Applied Noise Insulation, Thermal Insulation and Energy Saving in Houses and Industry, Fire Safety, TS-825 Thermal Insulation Rules in Buildings, Customer Focused Relation Management. Participants successfully completing the training process, given by 41 experts, are also given an “Insulation Expert Certificate”.

Established to transfer, to share, to disseminate information and to promote innovations, IYEM contributes to the development of many industries such as insulation, construction and HVAC+R.


02-03 November 2015 – Turkish Fire Safety Regulation and Applications
04 November 2015 – Anger Management and Empathy
05 November 2015 – Negotiation Techniques and Body Language
06 November 2015 – ‘Smart Solutions’ Insulated Gypsum Board Wall and Suspended Ceiling Systems
09 November 2015 – Applied Noise Insulation
10-11-12 November – Sound Insulation and Noise Management
13 November 2015 – Noise Insulation Applications with Best Practices
16-20 November 2015 – Thermal Insulation and Energy Saving in Houses and Industry
23-24 November 2015 - Fire Safety
25-27 November 2015 – TS-825 Thermal Insulation Rules in Buildings
30 November 2015 – Customer Focused Relation Management


In order to attend IYEM trainings;

Those who want to receive an ‘Insulation Expert Certificate’ can register by filling out the form in IYEM’s website. Trainings are given by experts in their fields and require full attendance to seminars and successful completion of the program. Easy and free transportation to IYEM is provided by shuttles departing from specified points at Asian side of Istanbul.

For more detailed information about 2015 training schedules, you can visit www.iyem.com.tr or call (0262-754 81 71/72 ).


Iyem Contributes to Market Development With The Trainings It Offers