Izocam Ensures Resistance Against Fire With Insulation


Izocam Ensures Resistance Against Fire With Insulation

The week starting with 25 September is annually celebrated as “Fire Prevention Week” in Turkey. One of the most important means to protect from fire, to avoid losses of life and property includes properly applied "insulation"... Izocam raises public attention to this point and points out that providing complete fire safety is possible with insulated buildings in accordance with the related regulations and use of non-combustible glass wool and stone wool.

Izocam discusses the subject of applying insulation properly from A to Z to avoid losses of life and property in context of “Regulation on Preventing Buildings from Fire”


Fire that may brake out in buildings we live in or in public places such as industrial structures,  hospitals, malls, schools may cause irreparable results. Especially narrow streets through which fire trucks can´t or have hard time to pass or recently built high buildings can cause fire to reach significant dimensions in big cities. Izocam underlines the importance of “thick insulation applied with appropriate material” to prevent incidences of fire. Experts evaluating the insulation model that will be applied to a high building or a building located on a narrow street combined with insulation applied by the competent people using the right materials and in right thickness reduce losses of life and property significantly.

Insulation applied to building facades, window frames and in between floors with class A1 stone wool buys some extra time in case of fire. A building insulated with stone wool doesn’t catch fire easily and emit smoke.  It avoids the smoke interaction, which is one of the most important points in case of a fire. Fire compartments made by using stone wool material give longer time for escaping and arrival of fire officers.

Mentioning that urban transformation is an opportunity for fire safety, Fatih Oktem Deputy General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Izocam points out that with an effective insulation from floor to roof, wall to flooring and installments during the constructing of a building both provide safety and energy efficiency. Pointing out that the way of providing fire safety which can break out in buildings depends on passive precautions and insulation as well as active precautions, Oktem mentions that creating public awareness on fire safety plays a significant role in terms of life and property safety. “People who would like to purchase a house or insulate their current house or building have great responsibility here and our society needs to be aware of it. It’s very important that people who will buy a new house questioning about insulation details and fire safety. According to the relevant regulation, use of class A noncombustible materials have become essential for the facades and floor spacing of high buildings. In addition, to stop fire from spreading and to minimize  the damage, fire barriers definitely should be placed in the main construction of the building and between floors or to places relevant experts identify. Using mineral wools such as glass wool and stone wool is also very important especially for high buildings and curtain wall applications. Heat resistant glass wool and stone wool provide high protection in fire insulation.”

Newly developed InWall provides high level of fire protection…

Developed in cooperation with Rigips, InWall provides high level of fire protection.  Providing 90 minutes fire protection for the walls that are not load-bearing walls in terms of integrity and insulation with E130, EI60 and EI90 certificates, InWall Partition Wall Systems are suitable to be used in densely populated places including offices, schools, hotels, malls and hospitals.

Pointing out that InWall is very effective in fire safety, Fatih Oktem says, “Losses in case of fire are mostly caused by panic and gas intoxication as the smoke spreads. Heatproof walls which do not lose their integrity give enough time to evacuate the building safely. To stop the fire spreading from one room or floor to another, compartments should be built in every floor. Newly developed partition wall system InWall is a system that provides high level of fire safety in the walls without loead-bearing feature. Especially in the buildings accommodating many people, use of InWall buys extra time in case of fire. It minimizes the risk of losing life and property.”

Used especially in industrial buildings, Izocam Tekiz products provide effective solutions on fire safety in metallic buildings, plants and production halls. Izocam obtained REI 120 fire resistance certificate for Izocam Tekiz Stone Wool Roof Panels. Izocam also obtained 60 minutes resistance (EI60) certificate in criteria of integrity and insulation and fire resistant panel certificate in criteria of integrity (E120) for Izocam Tekiz Stone Wool Wall Panels.

Izocam Ensures Resistance Against Fire With Insulation