Izocam Underlines the Importance of Urban Transformation on World Habitat Day


Izocam Underlines the Importance of Urban Transformation on World Habitat Day

World Habitat Day is celebrated on the first Monday of October every year to attract attention to improving human habitat. Enacted as a result of unhealthy and unplanned structuring in our country, Urban Transformation act supports the aim of the World Habitat Day… In the extent of Urban Transformation enabling housings to be improved, buildings are renewed and the damage risk of disasters and earthquakes are reduced.
Renewing buildings as part of Urban Transformation provides an opportunity to construct thermal, sound and fire insulated and energy efficient buildings. In the buildings insulated properly, thermal insulation contributes to home and country economics as well as helps to avoid the loss of life and property in case of a fire.

World Habitat Day is celebrated on the first Monday of October as a result of the decision taken by United Nations General Assembly in 1985. On the occasion of World Habitat Day which is celebrated to underline the importance of better habitats which should exist, Izocam points out that being an opportunity for our country, Urban Transformation is required.

In accordance with the aim of World Habitat Day, Urban Transformation is a process that enables unqualified housing stocks in unplanned urbanization to renew quickly and safely, provides more energy efficiency and healthier environment conditions.  75% of existing building stock in our country has not been insulated.
Insulation thickness that is applied in the buildings built after the year 2000 is not sufficient in convenience with future needs.  Considering insulation thickness levels calculated as a result of "TS 825 Thermal Insulation Rules in Buildings", Regulation on Energy Performance in Buildings which identifies related standards in our country in terms of energy efficiency, it is concluded that the regulation should be revised in the frame of sustainability and low carbon economy.  The reason is that the minimum insulation thickness described by the standard doesn’t sufficiently meet the current needs.  On the other hand, although insulation thickness and applications described in the regulation do not meet the needs, it’s seen that this standard is not even applied in most of the structures.  

Our houses that we describe as our comfort zone have requirements on thermal insulation as well as fire security and noise insulation. Thick insulation applications cancel out noise permeability and avoid both exterior noises and noises coming from the next door or the next building to enter the house. Another benefit of applying thick insulation with appropriate materials is avoiding loss of life and property in case of fire. Because A1 Class products that is applied as a thick layer don’t catch fire easily and emit smoke because they are "fireproof”.  It avoids the smoke interaction, which is one of the main points in case of fire, and therefore intoxication. It minimizes the loss of life and property during a fire case in which every second is critical.      

Izocam Deputy General Manager Responsible for Marketing & Sales Fatih Oktem
underlines the necessity of Urban Transformation for our country with the occasion of World Habitat Day. “We celebrate World Habitat Day designated to reflect on the fact that people should live in more comfortable areas. Because we believe that the comfort of living areas is our most fundamental right. In this sense, we think that Urban Transformation act, which is enacted to solve unqualified and unhealthy structuring problems in our country, is an opportunity. Urban transformation will make energy efficient buildings to be designed and increase thermal insulation as well as fire safety applications.”

Fatih Oktem also underlines that being more than 72% dependent on imported energy sources, our country has imported 60 billion dollars worth of energy; but this can be significantly reduced with insulation. “35% of the energy in Turkey is used in houses, 35-40% in industry and the rest in transport. 77 million people live in our country. In comparison with European countries with the same climate, normally insulation size of Turkey should be more than 50 million m³ with the current regulations. We only have 16 million m³. Unfortunately, insulation criteria are not applied properly in Turkey, in which there is lack of effective and proper inspections.”

also exemplifies the contributions of Izocam in 50 years while talking about the importance of insulation for Urban Transformation. “Izocam’s contribution to economy and environment with insulation is remarkable. We have provided energy savings equal to 200 million ton oil equivalent (TOE) in 50 years. 200 million TOE is equal to savings that will be provided from insulation of 15 billion m² roofs with 100 mm glass wool in the climate conditions of Istanbul. This area is 5 times bigger than Northern Cyprus (3355 km²) and 3 times bigger than Istanbul (5343 km²). We also avoided 650 million ton CO2 to emit to atmosphere with all the insulation products we have produced from the day one. Our production has provided 110 billion dollar energy savings – with current oil prices- for our country’s economy.”

states that functionality related to Urban Transformation should be accelerated with inspections and a strong infrastructure. “Since people don’t know whether their buildings will be demolished within the scope of Urban Transformation, they do not consider the idea of insulation in their current buildings.  Solving this problem would also give acceleration to the insulation industry. We believe that insulation level in current buildings will increase in next 10 years and it will significantly contribute to the industry, country and individuals.”

“Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings” becoming popular stands out as a necessity not only for our country but for the world. It’s important to issue related regulations and make plans to support these applications. Oktem comments, “We see that developed countries improve their regulations and enact support and control mechanisms with sustainable approaches for both their struggling with climate changes and providing energy independence.  We carry on a work to do our part in accelerating these applications in our country."  


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Izocam Underlines the Importance of Urban Transformation on World Habitat Day