Izocam visits Cameroon


Izocam visits Cameroon

Maintaining its leading position of insulation industry also in its exportation countries, Izocam also succeeds in the new markets it explores.  A virgin market in terms of insulation, Cameroon is among the countries on which Izocam has focused recently.  Committee President and Izocam Export Manager Ahmet Demirtas participated in Cameroon visit, organized by IMSAD Foreign Trade Committee, and paid important visits related to insulation and construction industry in the country that is one of the important markets of West Africa.


Izocam participated in a forum held in Turcam Hall Fair and Trade Centre on 11-15 May in Cameroon.  Besides Izocam, the representatives of nine Turkish firms from IMSAD Foreign Trade Committee were among the participants of the forum.  During the opening ceremony of the forum held about construction materials industry, Cameroon Turkish Ambassador Omer Faruk Dogan, Commercial Counsellor Bayram Bahadir, Cameroon Ministry of Commerce Head Counsellor Bouba Auosinne and Prof. Nemeti Mbida Roland gave speeches. 

Izocam had interviews related to insulation industry both with the firms from Cameroon and from SEMAC member countries during the forum.  The construction materials market and various sites were visited and information was obtained related to the construction market of Cameroon. Resulting from the visits paid, Izocam observed that the insulation market in Cameroon was open for improvement and that it was required to build a perception related to sound insulation in the country.

Cameroon Turkish Ambassador hosted Cameroon’s Minister of Public Works, Minister of Commerce, Minister of Economy, Minister of Investments and Minister of Public Procurement as well as Doula Honorary Consul and IMSAD Foreign Trade Committee during the dinner organized in his residence.  The officials were provided with information related to IMSAD and Turkish construction materials exportation capacity.

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Izocam visits Cameroon