Izocam Draws Attention to the Relation Between Insulation and Environment on June 5, World Environment Day


Izocam Draws Attention to the Relation Between Insulation and Environment on June 5, World Environment Day

Having added “insulation” to sectors in Turkey 50 years ago, Izocam puts on the agenda the positive effects of insulation on environment on June 5, celebrated every year as the World Environment Day since 1972. Raising awareness among the society on concepts such as decreasing carbon emissions, protecting environment and nature and saving energy with insulation, Izocam exerts efforts to expand this awareness to larger communities.


Although the connection between environment and energy issues and insulation is not evident at first glance, it can easily be proved that there is a direct relation between them. Having been active in insulation sector for 50 years Izocam has been exerting efforts to explain this relationship and raise awareness among the society for years. Because it is possible to significantly reduce energy expenditures and therefore carbon emissions thanks to “thick insulation” installed with right implementations…

Izocam has been fulfilling its duty towards both the society and its sector by explaining the effects of “thick insulation” on the protection of environment, developing institutional social responsibility projects on this topic, committing its R&D works to producing environment-friendly products, implementing energy management systems in its facilities and with its environmental products declaration.

“We provided 110 billion dollars-worth of energy savings for the economy of the country in 50 years with our products. The latest measured annual amount of carbon emissions in Turkey is around 440 million tons. We have prevented 650 million tons of CO₂ emissions to the atmosphere so far. This figure accounts for Turkey’s overall CO₂ emissions in 1,5 years. We are proud to be one of the few companies that assume responsibility on energy, environment and sustainability issues and to grow with qualified works that we have developed in this area,” said Fatih Öktem, the Deputy General Manager responsible for Sales and Marketing in Izocam drawing attention to the importance attached to environment by Izocam.

Stating that they constantly increase the institutional awareness level in Izocam, Öktem indicated the fact that they qualified to receive the Environmental Product Declaration Document and ISO 50001 Energy Management System Document as an example. “We have become the first institution with an EPD Document among the thermal insulating product manufacturers in Turkey on April 1, 2015 when we received the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) Document for glass wool and stone wool products.” The EPD Document aims at sharing the approved quantitative environmental information regarding products and services with the society in a transparent manner and therefore encouraging the products and services with less negative effects on the environment.


Stating that energy efficiency and the use of clean energy sources are necessary in the energy area, Fatih Öktem believes that designing buildings in line with energy efficiency and preventing energy losses will bring along low carbon economies. “In addition to all these issues, we need to stop the loss in our green areas that hold carbon for the combat against global warming. This can happen through protecting and increasing forests. According to the data related to annual energy consumption, while an average of 150-200 kWh/m² of energy is used in the buildings in our country, in buildings designed in accordance with TS825* standard, the use of energy is around 60-80kWh/m² with 60% savings. In “Passive houses”, the use of energy is limited to 15 kWh/m². Hence, heating and cooling needs in “Passive Houses” are reduced by 90 % as compared to buildings with old-fashioned and incomplete insulation and a considerably high amount of energy saving is achieved.”


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Izocam Draws Attention to the Relation Between Insulation and Environment on June 5, World Environment Day