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New Partition Wall Board

Insulation Applications » Wall Insulation » New Partition Wall Board



New Partition Wall Board
New Partition Wall Board
New Partition Wall Board

New Partition Wall Board

Izocam introduces the easy-to install master-friendly “Partition Wall Board”! Unique features and ensuring  thermal and sound insulation and ?re safety, making “Izocam Partition Wall Board” a master-friendly product.


Flexible and soft Partition Wall Board is MASTER-FRIENDLY and it creates comfortable working spaces with easy-to-cut and dust free qualities. Easy to transport thanks to its lightweight composition and user friendly carrying handle, these boards can stand without any support and never collapse during application. Requiring no additional materials and workmanship, Izocam Partition Wall Board ensure swift application for the installers while saving time and sustaining the quality of application.


Carrying itself and the boards stacked on top, the master-friendly Izocam Partition Wall Board do not collapse or fall down, deteriorate or spoil or become mouldy or rusty over time. These boards are also protected against insects and microorganisms. Specially designed packaging guarantees transport and storage advantages while facilitating easy handling.