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Industrial Blanket

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Industrial Blanket
Industrial Blanket

Industrial Blanket

It is a stone wool blanket that is used for thermal insulation and fire safety of industrial plants, process equipments, large diameter pipes.


Noncombustibility of Stone Wool Industrial Blankets enables them to be used for thermal, sound and fire insulation of very high temperatures. The blankets are cut to size and wrapped around the surface to be insulated. The joints are laced with galvanized wire by passing it through the eyes of the wiremesh. Care should be taken to ensure that the joints fit properly and no gap is left at the joints. During the application on large surfaces, the blankets should be impaled over welded pins of 5-6 in number per square meter. The blankets are held in position by placing retaining washers over the pins. These pins also work as spacers for the insulation between the sheet metal cover and the insulated surface.

There are three different types of industrial blankets available as 650, 700 and 750 with different technical properties.