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İzocamflex - Split

Insulation Applications » HVAC Insulation » İzocamflex - Split



İzocamflex - Split

İzocamflex - Split

It is an elastomeric rubber based insulation material in the form of pipe with closed cell structure. It is manufactured to be used for cooling and split systems.


It is used in split cooling systems for thermal insulation and condensation control purposes. The pipe to be insulated and the rubber surface should fit properly and no gap should be left in between. Joints should be tightly sealed. The application should be protected against distruption and rupture. Izocamflex - Split is put into the box without to be cut as one piece. The material is pulled out of the box opening and cut to desired size. By that way, the box is preserved until the next time. For the applications exposed to sun, a protective coat or a protective paint should be used against UV affect. For the outdoor applications, the surface should be coated within 5 days.