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Prefabricated Duct

Insulation Applications » HVAC Insulation » Prefabricated Duct



Prefabricated Duct
Prefabricated Duct

Prefabricated Duct

It is a glass wool board faced with aluminium foil on one side and black glass tissue on the other side or faced with aluminium foil on both sides. It is used for all the buildings that need ventilating and air conditioning ducts. Owing to its vibration absorbing performance, it is used for the buildings in which it is preferred that HVAC equipments run quietly. The duct is also used for multi storey buildings regarding to fire safety since it is noncombustible.


Prefabricated Duct is easily assembled at the construction site. The boards are marked to be cut according to the sizes of the edges. Folding grooves are formed by cutting with special tools following the markings. The board is folded into a duct from the grooves. After the joints are stapled they are sealed with a tape. Each duct is joined to each other on the floor. The holes are opened and with the help of a member it is hung where it needed to be. It is possible to use all kinds of hanging methods and accessories for the installation. Izocam Prefabricated Duct should not be used in a place where the relative humidity exceeds 95 %. The boards should be used in the systems where maximum air velocity is 12 m/sn, maximum internal pressure is 51 mmSS, maximum edge length is 2,4 m.