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Optimum Partition Wall

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Optimum Partition Wall
Optimum Partition Wall

Optimum Partition Wall

It is a special glass wool blanket faced with glass tissue on both sides. It is used for thermal and sound insulation of lightweight partition walls. For installation it has a system with its special profies, fastening equipments and accessories.


U profile is fastened to the floor and to the ceiling with an anchor at every 45 cm with a distance which is 1 cm wider than the insulation material thickness. If the walls are not vertical, plumb line is drawn from the ceiling to the floor and the line that U profile will be fastened is marked. C profiles are installed in U profiles back to back and partition wall frame is formed. C profiles should be at every 60 cm. Gypsum board is put on one face and Optimum Blankets which have been cut 1 cm longer than the profile height are placed between the profiles. It is recommended to apply rubber tapes(Izocamtape) to the construction in order to reduce vibration. After installing gypsum board, the application is completed. Despite the fact that Optimum Partition Wall is in blanket form, it can also rise to an upright position owing to its special fibre structure.