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Optimum Wall

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Optimum Wall
Optimum Wall
Optimum Wall

Optimum Wall

Optimum wall is a special glass wool blanket faced with kraft paper on one side. It is used for thermal and sound insulation of exterior walls, inner face of all type of reinforced concrete components, interior and adjacent walls, periphery walls of staircases and elevator shafts and as internal wall lining timber framed buildings. For installation it has a system with its special profiles, fastening equipments and accessories.


U profile is fastened to the wall with an anchor at every 45 cm. The distance to be left should be 1 cm longer than the insulation material thickness. The same process is repeated for the floor if the walls are not vertical. If the wall is lower than 270 cm, a C profile is fastened to the center of the wall at every 60 cm by anchoring. C profile is fastened to the wall at every 135 cm if the wall is higher than 270 cm. Fastening rods are placed into the wall at 60 cm intervals horizontally. After Optimum blanket is installed into the fastening rods, adjusting nut is secured fastening rods. C profiles are placed into the the adjusting nut threads vertically in a manner that C profiles are inserted into the U profiles which were installed at the celing and the floor. All wall surface is adjusted with plumb line by the help of fastening rods. Then the wall surface becomes ready for the gypsum board application. Despite the fact that Optimum Wall is in blanket form, it can also rise to an upright position like a board owing to its special fibre structure.