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İzopor Board

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İzopor Board

İzopor Board

Izopor Board is an expanded polystyrene board that is used in between two walls, at double layer sandwich wall panels for thermal insulation purposes. It is used for the thermal insulation of cold storage rooms as well owing to its thermal insulation properties and that it can be used at lower temperatures. It is manufactured as blocks and cut into the required size heated parallel wires.


Wall Board is applied loose in between two wall components such as bricks, AAC blocks, concrete blocks at the facades. In this application, known as sandwich wall insulation, two wall components should be connected to each other with special fasteners at certain intervals. Building physics conditions should be reached for the insulation of cold storage rooms. The most important aspect to be considered is that the vapour barrier should definitely be on the side facing the warmer area. Vapour barrier material is adhered to the inner side of the ceiling and the wall. Izopor boards are fastened on top of that. Cement based prime plaster, glass cloth reinforcing mesh and prime plaster are applied on the boards. The application is completed by wall coating. For the slabs, trowel coating or levelling screed is applied on existing reinforced concrete slab surface. After vapour barrier is laid down, Izopor Boards are laid loose in a manner that no gap is left at the joints. Consequently, 5 cm reinforced screed with minimum dosage (500) is applied on the Izopor Boards and then the application is completed with the desired floor covering.