Street Shelters

Izocam’s “Street Shelters’ Project, carried out via social media, attracted major attention amongst animal lovers during winter months.

Hundreds of Izocam Foamboard shelters were placed on streets, where street animals try to survive in snowy weather.

Leading insulation firm Izocam continues fulfilling its responsibilities for the industry while drawing attention to such concepts as insulation and external thermal insulation in winter months through social responsibility projects. As a long-established company aiming to contribute to individuals, society and natural life, Izocam attracted attention in snowy winter days with "Street Shelters" project, carried out via Facebook.

“Street Shelters” Project, one of the prominent projects launched by Izocam about isolation and prepared in collaboration with Kompüter, guided animal lovers on how to provide a warm home for animals living in streets during cold winter days.

Kompüter decided to focus on a scenario where street animals were comforted during winter within the scope of the project and used Izocam Foamboard product in the video they prepared about building shelters. An amateur video explaining how to build a shelter was posted on Facebook within the framework of the campaign. Inspired by the posted videos, users who built their own shelters posted pictures of them on the dedicated Facebook page. Animal lovers filled the streets with pink coloured Izocam Foamboard Street Shelters in the heavy snowfall that affected Turkey this winter. About hundreds of foamboard street shelters provided a warm home for animals all over Turkey during the heavy snowfall.

The latest of the many awards Izocam received for its Street Shelters Project, is the Digital Age Award for the "Most Creative Viral Campaign".

Great interest from animal lover in Street Shelters!

Over 2.000.000 people watched the video.
The movement has 5850 members in its Facebook group.
Animal rights groups and communities on Facebook embraced the video and put it on their pages. Video was featured in many blogs and websites.
Participation in the Facebook group increased with cold and snowy winter days.
Pictures of shelters built using foamboard or similar products keeps getting posted to the group.

Izocam Street Shelters Project was launched in order to bring insulation awareness to the new generation via social media.