Energetic Perspective

Our starting point with “Enerji’k Bakis” is to attract the attention of the society to energy efficiency. Believing that the best way for this is to interpret “energy” with art, we got support from the artists.

We shared our project with IFSAK (Istanbul Photography and Cinema Amateurs Association) that will stand shoulder to shoulder with us and of which we believe in work discipline. They also believed in this project and we started to move on. The starting point of Izocam and IFSAK for this project was to light the way for the future about energy and to attract the attention of the children, the young and the individuals to energy efficiency from a different point of view. The main structure of the project is first to approach the energy from an artistic view based on photos with the people from different disciplines… About 300 people from different occupational groups participated in the project. In the project, in which we planned first to reflect the energy only to photos, we then included texts, short film and composition works. There are a total of 120 photos and 120 literary texts in our album. While photographers, cinema directors and musicians took part in the exhibition with their photos, many people from musicians to actors and actresses and to cinema directors contributed to the project with their literary texts. Riza Kirac made a special movie of our exhibition. Then, 2 composition works by Ozkan Samioglu and Teneke Trampet group were included in the project. And the animation film titled ZG (Zerre Grain) by Anil Tortop was also included in the project. Finally, we created an exhibition from these works and an album covering all of them. In the album, there is also a DVD of the short film, animation film and the compositions.

Following the first exhibition, we had many positive criticisms both from the people contributed to the project and from the audience and the press. Besides, our project got much interest as it attracted attention to such an important issue to affect our future. Enerjik Bakis Exhibition met more than 6.000 visitors in Istanbul, Izmir, Adana, Ankara, Bursa, Gaziantep and Eskisehir. In the next years, we will continue to introduce our project o different audiences in different cities of Turkey.

For detailed information: www.enerjikbakis.com