Vision Mision and Core Values

Izocam´s Mission
Izocam undertakes the mission to;
• be the leader in Turkey in the whole insulation sector,
• keep the "Insulation means Izocam" image,
• utilize the advance technologies,
• be market driven and focused on customer delight,
• produce world class products in environmentally friendly and safe plants,
• improve its human resource base,
• differentiate its products and services in parallel with the growing insulation awareness.
Izocam´s Vision
Being the reliable leader in Turkey and neighbourhood countries, our main objective is to achieve a healthy growth in the sector, to establish insulation and energy saving awareness, to maximize the benefit from insulation in favour of people and consequently, to preserve the environment.  
Core Values
Our company, active in the insulation sector as a dependable leader both in our country and in neighbor countries since 1965, has always adopted growing and being a model company in every field by being engaged in activities which are beneficial for its country and for the environment as a principle.

While realizing these purposes, we have arranged the principles leading us in our working life in order to determine, implement and protect the below values in line with our corporate structure to enhance the recognition and reliability of the brand Izocam both among the workers and in relations of our company with the third persons.
Principles of Action Principles of Conduct      
Respect for the Law
Caring for the Environment
Worker Health and Safety
Employee Rights
Professional Commitment
Respect for Others