Valve Jacket

Izocam Valve Jacket is an insulation jacket specially manufactured for valves. It is manufactured from noncohesive white glass wool blanket or stone wool industrial blanket, with silicone on the outer side and faced with silicone-free glass tissue which is resistant to 500 °C on the inside. Izocam Valve Jackets are used for thermal insulation of all kinds of valves (piston valve, globe valve, butterfly valve, etc.) which are manufactured according to DIN, ANSI and API standards and strainers at indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Application Area

  • A valve jacket is chosen according to the valve to be insulated or it is customly made. Valve jacket is wrapped around the valve and the hooks are tightly attached to each other by the help of the string.
  • It is controlled if there is any vapour leak before the installation. If a leak is inspected, the installation takes place after the leak is fixed.

Material Safety Forms


Technicial Specifications