Izocam New Facade Board Combines Strength And Aesthetics


Izocam New Facade Board Combines Strength And Aesthetics

A new arrival to Izocams mineral wool family, Izocam New Facade Board offers flexibility in architectsfacade solutions in addition to thermal and sound insulation and fire safety.

Izocam New Facade Board stands out by accommodating ventilated facade installations thanks to its functional properties.

Being the leading company of the industry and the only company in both the domestic and the global insulation industry that is capable of producing 7 different products under one roof, Izocam made Izocam New Facade Board which enables reliable installations by ensuring compliance for the architects’ creative approach in ventilated facade installations with the applicable legislations on thermal insulation and combustibility, available to the industry as a result of its R&D efforts.

The ventilated facade systems where the external cladding does not come into direct contact with the wall, contains a “sub-structure” in-between, which structurally separates the insulation (humidity, heat, sound and fire safety) and the cladding material. This, in turn, creates a ventilation area capable of controlling the humidity balance in the building reliably. As a result; the existing humidity is permanently eliminated, humid external walls quickly dry, and the life of the building that is not exposed to humidity, is prolonged.

Developed for higher thermal comfort, sustainability and quality, Izocam New Facade Board is coated with black tissue on one surface, and is used for thermal and sound insulation and fire safety behind facade cladding material such as glass, granite, marble, aluminium, wood, etc. in ventilated facade systems. Its lightweight makes it easy to transport, while its flexible structure makes it easy to install. Moreover, its compressibility enables to save on transportation and storage. The other notable properties of Izocam New Facade Board include being black tissuecoated and water-repellent... This decreases the risk of damage by rainwater, enabling to save on time and labour. The product, the aim of which is to bring thermal comfort to high structures, is also remarkable in that it is environmentally friendly. The quality of Izocam’s product, which is CE and EUCEB certified, is also recognised internationally.

Regarding Izocam New Facade Board, the aim of which is to provide the best energy savings possible, Levent Gökçe, Managing Director of Izocam said the following: “Architects usually use the external facade of a building to make their creative ideas visible. When it comes to facade design, the aesthetic size of a building is what first comes to mind. While Izocam New Façade Board provides architects with this opportunity, it is also an easy-to-install and flexible product which allows design to accommodate economic and functional criteria.  Research shows that at least 45% of thermal losses occur through facades. Therefore, in addition to making structures unbound by design-related concerns possible, the reason why we developed the New Facade Board was to prevent thermal gains and losses through R&D studies. Highly ambitious in terms of energy efficiency, the product offers effective thermal insulation thanks to its thermal conductivity value of 35 mW/mK. Its light weight also proves to be an asset in installations.”

Exclaiming the importance choosing the insulation material among A1 class “non-combustible materials” poses in terms of fire safety as the ventilation gap between the cladding material and the load bearing construction in ventilated facade systems may work as a chimney in fires, Levent Gökçe underlines the fact that the product can be safely used in high storey buildings thanks to its non-combustible property. 

Izocam New Facade Board Combines Strength And Aesthetics