Izocam Master-Friendly Partition Wall Board Industry Gathering Was Held In May


Izocam Master-Friendly Partition Wall Board Industry Gathering Was Held In May

The pioneer of the Turkish insulation industry, Izocam got together with the industrys professionals as part of the seminars on the master-friendly Partition Wall Board (ABL) which offers fire safety in addition to thermal and sound insulation.

Izocam is going forward with its seminars on the master-friendly “Partition Wall Board” (ABL) which it produces out of recycled materials to be used in light partitions as a result of its R&D efforts. In line with its efforts to introduce the solutions needed in the industry to installers and to obtain insight regarding new products, Izocam got together with the industry’s representatives at two seminars held on May 2nd and 9th.

Over 100 industry professionals attended the Izocam Partition Wall Board Industry gatherings held at Istanbul Point Otel on May 2, and at Istanbul Marriot Otel on May 9. The seminars which started in the afternoon and lasted 2 hours, were each concluded with a dinner.

Partition Wall Boards which can be produced in various thicknesses, provide thermal and superior sound insulation in partitions, and their A1 class combustible property allows more time in case of fire. Developed to best meet the expectations of both the industry and the users, Izocam Partition Wall Board proved its quality internationally by securing CE and EUCEB certification.

Thanks to the details used in Izocam Partition Wall Board which contributes greatly to sound insulation, “A” class insulation is obtained. Sound insulation in buildings is made mandatory in line with the principles set forth in “the Regulation on the Protection of Buildings against Noise” and the wall performance in buildings of various functionalities is classified from A to F in line with the building’s sensitivities. Izocam Partition Wall Board which was assessed in this regard, makes high performance sound insulation possible. Its low thermal conductivity coefficient of Izocam Partition Wall Boards makes it possible to provide energy efficient partition walls between asynchronously air-conditioned volumes of different temperatures, and increases energy savings and comfort.

Easy to install thanks to its flexibility and softness, Izocam Partition Wall Board provides the installer with a comfortable and healthy working environment thanks to its natural contents, dust-free structure and easy cut. Moreover, the possibility of quick installation enables to save time. Izocam Partition Wall Board which can stand on its own, also makes safe installation possible. This means that installations are improved in terms of speed and quality, as no additional material is needed. Izocam Partition Wall Board which can be easily transported thanks to its light weight and the handle on its packaging, proves to be an asset in terms of both transportation and storage.

Izocam Master-Friendly Partition Wall Board Industry Gathering Was Held In May