Winners of 18th Izocam Student Competition Have Been Announced


Winners of 18th Izocam Student Competition Have Been Announced

The results of the 18th Izocam Student Competition that is carried out by Izocam with social responsibility awareness and which gives students the opportunity to develop projects abroad have been announced.   Out of the 17 competing projects which were based on the multi comfort building design, 6 projects were selected for the finals.  After the jury evaluation; the project of Simal Avci and Halil Soysal Cirit from Yildiz Technical University came at the top, the project of Busra Ince and Aysegul Ercin from Middle East Technical University came in second and lastly, the project of Nazli Aral and Serkan Ates from Istanbul Technical University came in the third place. 

The three award winning projects will represent our country in the internationial competition which will be held at Dubai.

Izocam Student Competition which is held with a different country, city and concept every year by Izocam with social responsibility awareness have been finalized. This year’s topic was “Sustainable Design in Hot Climate”. 

The competition which was held with “Idea to Project” format has been carried out in two stages.  In the first stage, the students were expected to develop a sustainable and climate-friendly architectural design idea under the topic of “Dubai Culture Village” by keeping in mind the regional conditions and were required to materialize these ideas by turning them into multi comfort building concept designs.  In the first stage, the students made their applications by sending their projects via web site. The projects that were deemed qualified passed to the second stage and students received feedback about their projects from jury members.  In the open jury meeting held at the date of 19th April 2018, these qualified projects competed and between the dates 12-15th May 2018, the three projects that will compete in the international finals which will be held in Dubai were announced. 


After the evaluation, project named Magaradesigned by the students of Yildiz Technical University, Simal Avci and Halil Soysal Cirit came at the top.  The project which was designed by taking into consideration of the warm climate principles, gained the appreciation of the jury due to the connection it has made to the environmental data, internalizing climatization effects of water in its design and lastly thanks to its dynamic language in its interior and outer design.  The project named “Coasive” which was designed by Middle East Technical University students, Busra Ince and Aysegul

Ercin, came in the second place with its simple and modest approach.  The occupied/empty relation, leveling, mass balance concepts created in the project and typological solutions to these concepts were credited.  Continuity of the narrow streets and inner courts that were designed according to climate data, and these streets opening up to squares from place to place and the project creating different unexpected perspectives gained the appreciation of the jury.  The project named ‘All Apt.’, which was designed according to the traditional inward oriented house models and which created safe and micro air conditioning areas inside the house, designed by the Istanbul Technical University students, Nazli Aral and Serkan Ates came in the third place.

Competent academics, expert architects and sectoral professionals which formed the Jury helped both the competition and students developed thanks to their active roles and devoted work in the competition process. ITU Faculty of Machine academic Prof.  Dr. Abdurrahman Kilic, Master Architect from company Gunarda Energy, Ali Erkan Sahmali Master Architect from company Dilekci Architecture, Durmus Dilekci ITU Faculty of Architecture Academic Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gulten Manioglu Master Architect from company Suyabatmaz-Demirel Architecture, Hakan Demirel METU Faculty of Machine Prof. Dr. Mehmet Caliskan and Izocam Director of Marketing Kemal Gani Bayraktar have taken part in the 18th Izocam Student Competition. 

The winning project has gotten 8 thousand TRY, the second place has gotten 6 thousand TRY and the third place has gotten 4 thousand TRY prizes.  Also these three award winning projects have become qualified to represent our country in the international finals that will be held in Dubai. 

Solution for a Sustainable Future: Multi Comfort

Buildings insulated with right materials and appropriate thickness takes the biggest step for energy conservation.  The biggest energy saving solution is choosing multi comfort buildings.

Derived from little to no energy house concept and aiming at bio-climate design; Multi Comfort Buildings which give regard to sustainable, ecological, economical and social factors offer maximum thermal comfort with high energy saving.  Multi Comfort Buildings which offer flawless acoustic and visual comfort, quality indoor air, fire safety and protection and flexible design solutions both in interior and outer concept, aims at 90% energy saving at the least.  These buildings contribute to reducing the foreign dependency in countries like Turkey where three fourths of the energy used is imported. 

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Winners of 18th Izocam Student Competition Have Been Announced