Izocam Introduced Multi-Comfort House Solutions In Energy Efficiency Forum And Exhibition


Izocam Introduced Multi-Comfort House Solutions In Energy Efficiency Forum And Exhibition

Izocam that attracted attention to contribution of insulation and multi-comfort buildings on energy efficiency by attending 9. Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition, has the opinion that urban transformation creates a great opportunity for increasing energy efficiency in housings in Turkey. Izocam explained multi-comfort house solutions on accessing buildings with near-zero energy and their contributions on energy efficiency, on its stand in Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition held in Lütfü Kirdar International Convention and Exhibition Centre on 29th-30th March 2018.

Izocam attended to 9th Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition (EVF) held under cover of Ministry of Energy and Natural Sources in Lütfü Kirdar International Convention and Exhibition Centre on 29th-30th of March, and explained multi-comfort house solutions and their contributions to energy efficiency.

Izocam which is the pioneer company bringing “izocamming” word to the insulation sector in Turkey, focused on “Multi-Comfort” subject and urban transformation this year on 9. Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition where 1500 public and private professionals and academicians operating for energy saving came together.

Izocam that has been adopted energy saving as the most important point of order, underlined the importance of the relation of insulation-energy efficiency-multi-comfort houses in every platform. Izocam Managing Director Levent Gökçe, who drew attention to significant contribution of energy efficiency to be provided via insulation on the country economy, stated that the best efficiency is achieved via multi-comfort houses, and urban transformation offers a great opportunity in this regard. He told that, “Turkey paid more than $37 billion for import of energy raw materials in 2017. The cost of energy import to our country economy for the last 10 years is more than $400 billion... We import about three out of four of the energy we consume. Import of energy with this level composes the most important part of foreign trade deficit. So, energy saving on buildings have great importance to level down current deficit and decrease our excessive foreign source dependence. The buildings insulated with correct material and appropriate thickness are the biggest steps to take for energy saving. And the solution to achieve highest energy saving is multi-comfort buildings.”

“Multi-Comfort Houses” that are derived from houses with near zero energy and aiming at bioclimatic design, considering sustainable, ecologic, economic and social factors, offers optimal thermal comfort along with high energy saving. Multi-Comfort Houses providing perfect acoustic and visual comfort, indoor atmosphere in good quality, fire protection and safety, and capable of housing extremely flexible design solutions both indoor and outdoor, aim at 90% energy saving. These buildings offer contributions to reduce foreign dependency in the countries which import more than three out of four of its consumption such as Turkey.

Izocam Managing Director Gökçe, who stated that they see urban transformation as an important opportunity in terms of quick and safe renewal of especially poor house stock within unplanned settlement providing energy efficiency and achieving a healthy environment, said that “More limitation on energy consumption of buildings to be built in urban transformation; shall support 2020 targets of EU, targets of Turkey on Climate Change National Action Plan Energy Efficiency Strategy Paper, and provide innovative applications to be widespread. Urban transformation should be used in most efficient and effective way in this concept. Construction of new buildings with thermal and sound insulation, high energy efficiency and fire protection, shall limit energy consumption. By quite an optimistic scenario, only 14.9% of building stock of more than 9.4 million by the end of 2017 in Turkey is in sufficiently insulated in accordance with TS 825 Thermal Insulation in Buildings Rules… This number comprises 30.8% of current number of houses that is above 23.4 million. While urban transformation contributes to further increase of this number, it shall be important to design our living spaces already today through regulations to be shaped according to requirements of the future”. Gökçe, drew attention to the fact that adjournment to 1st of January 2020 of obligation of implementation for “requiring for an EKB (Energy Performance Certificate) issued for any jobs and proceedings related to purchasing, sales and renting processes corresponding to buildings or independent sections" for current buildings, shall delay development of energy efficiency applications in the field. 

Levent Gökçe, who emphasized on importance of National Energy Efficiency Action Plan 2017-2023 on transition to low-carbon economy said that, “Defining annual targets for increasing energy efficiency in public buildings; Municipalities’ determining opportunities relating to energy efficiency and implementing the precautions; raising awareness of end users on increasing energy efficiency in building sector through thermal insulation; its being supported directly or indirectly and bringing obligations; developing technical and administrative capacity on issuing Energy Performance Certificate and increasing possession of energy performance certificate in current buildings through raising awareness; certification of settlements with sustainable green buildings and making usage of green certificate containing environmental affects widespread; incentivizing the investments to be made on for raising class C of buildings that are new and to be purchased/rented, to class B or A; providing direct or indirect supports to building owners, increasing investments of energy efficiency on public buildings by using Energy Performance Agreements (EPS) that enable meeting of required investments through savings; extending the survey grant provided for SME’s by KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization) for commercial and service buildings other than public, which do not have obligation for survey; making implementation of energy efficiency projects through supportive and low interest loans; decreasing of energy densities in each sub sector minimum in 10% in cooperation with the sector; supporting projects having high saving potential by improving productive project implementation processes shall all act as an important lift for energy efficiency sector”.
Gökçe, who also mentioned that National Declaration of Contribution (NDC) targets presented to UN can only be achieved by investments said that, “It is stated on the Declaration that, it is necessary to construct buildings in accordance with Energy Performance Regulation for Buildings and as energy-efficient. On the other side, it is also emphasized that it is obligatory to keep greenhouse gases under control by using Energy Performance Certificate and to decrease energy consumption according to years. It is once more reminded on NDC declaration the necessity for development of incentive channels such as tax reduction and loan for making current buildings energy efficient. Minimising energy requirement by making design of green building, passive house, house with near zero energy widespread is important. To achieve the passive houses stated on Buildings and Urban Transformation section of NDC is only possible through correct design and thick insulation application.”

Izocam have contributed to realization of energy saving equal to 200 million tons petrol for a period of more than 50 years. This value which is equal to insulation of 15 billion m² roof with fibreglass mattress in 100 mm thickness under Istanbul weather conditions, is also equal to 12 thousand 500 hospitals, 29 Marmaray (cost of initial line opening and stations is $3.3 billion) and our tourism revenue for 3 years. And 15 billion m² is equal to total size of 2 million 300 thousand numbers of football pitch or fivefold of TRNC.

Izocam Introduced Multi-Comfort House Solutions In Energy Efficiency Forum And Exhibition