“Insulation” Plays A Key Role In Maintenance Of Summer Houses


“Insulation” Plays A Key Role In Maintenance Of Summer Houses

The weather is getting warm, return to summer houses shall begin within a few months. Paying attention to building insulation during maintenance prevents mould and bacterial growth, and it provides a more comfortable life electricity saving by preventing heating of indoor in summer time.

When spring comes and preparations for summer begin, repairs and improvements to be made in summer houses become one the main topics for many families. Summer houses are worn out after severe winter conditions particularly in moist areas, and re-handling requires almost every year. Izocam informed householders on the fact that life of summer houses can be extended by insulation, no maintenance shall be required for each year and indoor coolness shall be protected for long time. With “insulation” that is placed on the top as a processing for more planned construction and better protection of summer houses, it is possible to prevent mould and bacterial growth in the winter and to keep houses cool in summer months.

Thanks to insulation applications made on summer houses or buildings in warm climate conditions, energy saving is provided and life of buildings are extended through protection of frontals composing structure envelope and roof surfaces against adverse impacts of external atmospheric conditions. Moisture occurs in summers houses that are not used for months due to indoor and outdoor temperature difference. And moisture brings anti-hygienic formations such as damp, mould, bacteria with it. It is absolutely necessary to prevent these problems possible to occur in summer houses for hygiene and indoor comfort. Building elements are protected, thermal bridges are removed and damp, mould and bacteria to be occurred due to moisture and condensation can be prevented thanks to insulation application.

When the issue is thermal insulation, precautions to be taken against cold come to mind in our country in general and thermal insulation in hot weather areas is deemed unnecessary or is neglected. However, as cooling process in dog days is actually more expensive than heating process, insulation in hot weather is much more important than insulation applied in cold weather. Continuously operating air conditioners in summer houses without insulation or without insulation in sufficient thickness causes to both high energy consumption and increase in electric bill amounts. Use of “thicker” insulation material provides increase of saving in a balanced way without pushing up the cost, besides the comfort it creates.

Izocam Managing Director Levent Gökçe stated that summer houses that are used just for specific times need insulation more and the conditions the houses people live in is the determinative for a healthy and good living. He said that, “The conditions in our houses are not important just for body health, but also for mental health and peace. We can form more comfortable living spaces with good planning and we can make it continuous. For instance; the summer houses which stay desolated in the whole winter time are more affected by adverse winter conditions and external conditions changing within a large temperature range. The rain may cause to roof slope, some walls may make water inside and the houses may stay in this position for long time. Such conditions not only increase repair and maintenance costs but also arise difficult-to-repair damages. The best solution for negative circumstances experienced is to insulate all around external walls with Izocam Sheathing Boards in accordance with TS-825 Thermal Insulation Rules in the Buildings Standard, and to insulate inclined roofs with Izocam Fiberglass Roof Mattress, Izocam Glasswool or Izocam Inter-rafter Mattress according to use or nonuse of roof space, and to use Izocam Foamboard thermal insulating boards (XPS) in a correct way with waterproof system for level terrace roofs. Insulation shall provide operating of building elements within wide temperature ranges in summer and winter, night and day, and so damages due to thermal stress shall be prevented.”

Gökçe continued that, “Thick insulation decreases energy consumption in summer time due to use of air conditioner. A house in Bodrum, Antalya or Çesme needs insulation as much as the ones in Istanbul. When we look at insulation thicknesses, we see that the values change depending on positions of provinces, even counties. For example, for a summer house in Datça, an insulation for minimum 6 cm on walls and minimum 10 cm on roofs is necessary. These thicknesses are also applicable for other counties such as Fethiye, Datça, Marmaris and Gökova which become the apple of eye in summer time. To obtain more energy saving and reach better indoor atmosphere conditions, it is necessary the thick insulation performed in line with season conditions be applied in accordance with regulations, and even higher than the values these regulations state. A full protection can be achieved through the thick insulation applied in this way and summer houses providing more comfortable, healthier and better living conditions can be achieved.”

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“Insulation” Plays A Key Role In Maintenance Of Summer Houses