Izocam Dealers are "Ready To Take-Off"


Izocam Dealers are "Ready To Take-Off"

Izocam dealers gathered in Antalya Belek Regnum Carya Hotel this year between 08-10 March at the 18th International Dealer Meeting with “Ready To Take-Off” motto. In the meeting where 2017 was evaluated and targets of 2018 were disclosed, it was emphasized that Izocam is “ready to take-off” now to realize its potential.

The motto of the 18th International Dealer Meeting held by Izocam has been determined as “We Are Ready to Take-Off”. It was emphasized in the meeting that dealers and employees of Izocam are ready to achieve the potential it has.

The meeting held in the morning of 9th February started with Mega Trends presentation of MCT CEO Tanyer. In the meeting where Izocam dealers attended with their wives/husbands, attention was drawn to mega trends in every aspect of life from economy to information technologies. After Tanyer Sönmezer, Izocam Chairman of the Board François-Xavier Moser took the floor. Moser emphasized that the potential of insulation market in Turkey is very high, and as Izocam they believe that they will realize this potential in the best way.

And then, Izocam General Director Levent Gökçe started his speech by touching on trends in Turkey and in the world. Gökçe mentioned about the chancing world of marketing, new target groups and new marketing models, and underlined the fact that innovation sector in Turkey shall improve not only in urban transformation axis; but also other fields such as renovation in long term. Gökçe stated that the sector needs products and applications with high added value. 

Gökçe explained that, after revision works in the factories in the first quarter of 2017, they recorded about 30% turnover increase in the last three quarters comparing to the same period of previous year and expressed his thanks to dealer for their contribution in this success. He said relating to new targets that; “We plan to make an investment for 100 Million USD within 5 years. We are ready for our new targets with new organizational structure, R&D strategy and plans of us. We believe that continuity of success is as important as the success itself. And we can achieve it only by easy adaptation to new innovations. We should be able to predict new trends in insulation sector and focus our attention on new trends such as buildings with low energy consumption, multi-comfort buildings.”

Mark of Bengü on the Premiere Night

Regnum Carya hosted the Premiere Night Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner on 9th February. Sales champions of 2017 were awarded in 8 different categories. The dealers received their awards from Izocam General Director Levent Gökçe, Izocam Vice Chairman of the Board Samir Kasem, Saint-Gobain Delegation Director of Turkey Arif Nuri Bulut and Izocam directors.

After the Award Ceremony, Bengü left her mark on the night and Izocam dealers experienced a night to remember.

Izocam Dealers are