Izocam Contınues to Grow


Izocam Contınues to Grow

İzocam, leading company in insulation industry, keeps up with its success in the export markets. Having exported to over 100 countries in Turkic States Region, Africa, Balkan countries, Asia and Middle East; İzocam also has 20 installed dealers in these regions.

Continuing promotion and training activities in the existing markets, İzocam is cementing its position. Jordanian business partners visited İzocam in Istanbul last May to attend a seminar on insulation industry. Visits to İzocam facilities followed the seminar where the business partners were informed on İzocam products, implementation and manufacturing phases. 

Maintaining its presence in the Jordanian market for 25 years, İzocam welcomed its major Jordanian business partners in Istanbul for a series of exclusive meetings held on 8 & 9 May. İzocam informed its guests on new products and applications. They also visited İzocam plants to receive further information on the products and manufacturing phase. They attended presentation sessions which took place at İzocam Insulation Training Center (İYEM) to get theoretical and applied training.

Having attended an intense program of seminars and trainings, İzocam’s business partners also had the opportunity to visit İstanbul’s historical attractions.

Kicked off the history of insulating and being the leading company in Turkey, İzocam has exported to over 100 countries so far. Having 20 overseas dealers, İzocam’s export volume is over 700.000 m³. Product range, quality, services and detailed solutions are the factors behind the ample interest in İzocam. Thanks to its successful performance in export, İzocam is recognized every year by the Turkish H-VAC Exporters as the “Stars of Export” award. Triumphing in Insulation Materials category, İzocam continues to implement successful export plans.  

Focusing on the Middle East and Asian countries in the last couple of years, export accounted for 62.5 Million TL of İzocam sales in 2016. The company aims to reach beyond the 150 Million TL treshhold in the next 5 years.


For further information:
Burcu Ertek (İzocam Corporate Communications) 216 – 440 40 50 - ertek@izocam.com.tr

Izocam Contınues to Grow