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Partition Wall Board

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Partition Wall Board
Partition Wall Board
Partition Wall Board

Partition Wall Board

It is used for thermal and sound insulation of lightweight partition walls. It can be used against fire in all types of buildings thanks to its Class A1 non-combustible properties.
Channel of the partition wall is fastened to the floor and to the ceiling with an anchor at every 60 to 80 cm. It is recommended to apply rubber tapes (İzocamtape) to the channel´s surface which faces to the floor and the ceiling in order to avoid sound bridges.
Studs of the partition wall are mounted inside the channels to create the frame of the partition wall. Studs in which the insulation material is to be filled are installed in channels back to back at every 60 cm.
After completing the load-bearing construction of the partition wall, rubber tapes (İzocamtape) are also recommended to apply stud´s surface to avoid sound bridges. Then, gypsum boards are installed on one surface.
"İzocam Partition Wall Board" of 60 cm width are installed between studs and gypsum boards are installed on the other surface.
Self-adhesive plaster mesh is cladded on the joint sections of the gypsum boards. After applying plaster, surfaces can be painted as desired.