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The film coated plywood is a flat plate consisting of two or more layers of wax attached together and covered with film. The multi-layered and perpendicular nature of the neighbouring layers provides an unrivalled advantage compared to other wood materials and offers endurance and form consistency in both directions.

  • high endurance
  • resistance to water, humidity, chemicals and ultraviolet
  • consistent and scaled dimensions
  • smooth surface and flat and soundly attached layers
  • usable indoors and outdoors
  • easily processed
  • available in various sizes

Easily cutting Plywood to different sizes, you can use it to suit a wide range of applications


  • Building concrete forms
  • Floors, column and beams
  • Partition and wall panels
  • Roofing
  • Flooring in wagons and trailers
  • Grandstand and stage works 
  • Wooden box making
  • Equipment used in shcool parks
  • Die cutting areas