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Flat Roof Board

Insulation Applications » Roof Insulation » Flat Roof Board



Flat Roof Board
Flat Roof Board

Flat Roof Board

Flat Roof Board is an unfaced stone wool board that is utilized for the thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire safety of all kinds of flat roofs.


Inaccessible Flat Roof Applications: One layer of nylon cover is laid on corrugated metal roofing sheet as a vapour barrier. It is overlapped at the seams by 10 cm. and adhered to the surface. According to thermal insulation thickness, one or two layers of İzocam Stone Wool Flat Roof Board are laid on vapour barrier layer by fastening to the corrugated metal cover with anchors which have large washers. It is recommended to alternate board seams when two layer application is preferred. On top of that, waterproofing membrane (bituminous membrane, pvc, tpo, etc.) is applied.